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How your wins from 2021 are your true gifts this season

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Have you taken time to reflect on what this year has given you? Look back to move forward. We love a year in review! One of the shortest routes to self-confidence, if you’ve been out of the workforce awhile or are unsure how to make a change, is to take stock of your accomplishments.

When’s the last time you sat down and thought about the top career wins across your career? Maybe never!

Start now. Take the last few days of 2021 to take stock of your accomplishments and what went well for you in your own year in review. There’s been so much uncertainty in winding down 2021, but we know there were positive things that came out of this time too.

Start by writing down 10 professional “wins” of 2020 (interviewing, networking, attending webinars, updating your resume, building out your LinkedIn profile, learning a new skill, or taking a course-- those all count!). When we write down our wins, we own them!

Capture the positive and you’ll create more of it in the year to come!

In creating our own EvolveMe year in review, we reflected on the last 12 months. What a year it was!

Just over a year ago, EvolveMe sold out our first cohort of the Reinvention Collective cohort. No way we imagined celebrating our two-year anniversary this past November, having pivoted into a fully virtual company, reaching women in six cohorts across the U.S. and beyond (and as far as Rwanda!).

As 2021 draws to a close, we’re grateful for many milestones -- even in this most unusual year. And they all have to do with you!

One of the most touching things a Reinvention Collective participant shared:

Thank you, Linda and Judy, for leading us toward change and reinvention, and creating a caring and supportive community. Getting to know you and the EvolveMe Reinvention Collective cohort was a highlight of the year for me!

That you’ve shown up, investing in yourself & making progress one step at a time, has been a highlight of OUR year!

In 2021, we saw record numbers of women leave the workforce. But in the same year, more women were promoted internally than ever.

In this time of the Great Reset and the Great Resignation, EvolveMe was here to help women explore their next move – and now there’s more attention to purpose, flexibility and empathy in the workplace. The tide is changing. And it’s favoring you!

Sneak peek for 2022: We’re on a mission to elevate women in midlife as an untapped talent pool in the workforce. Given the current talent shortage, we see so much opportunity out there! And we’re rising to the challenge to help companies and organizations attract and retain top women professionals in their 40s and beyond with our new initiative EvolveMe@Work.

We’re proud of all we’ve accomplished in 2021 together!

  1. 5 virtual Reinvention Collective cohorts. Women engaged in 60+ hours of group training & accountability meetups plus self-paced work! Over 60% of women in our 2020-2021 Reinvention Collective cohorts landed opportunities in coveted full-time part-time and consulting roles, while others are launching their own ventures. We’re in awe of you! Sign up here for a FREE 1:1 Strategy Session with us to see if the Reinvention Collective (launching Tuesday, 2/22/22 - a “Twosday”!) is right for you!

  2. Ready to level up in your career? After 18 successful months and 36 meetups later, we wrapped up our EvolveMe Membership this month to create a new offering for Reinvention Collective alumni and long-term EvolveMe community members with the launch of EvolveMe’s Mid-Career Mastermind. Turn to a group of women who get you and meet monthly with us starting February 9, 2022 to learn from industry experts and workshop solutions to your most pressing work challenges and get the support, structure, and accountability you need. ​

  3. Women supporting women! This year we launched a monthly Midlife Career Changers Roundtable with Ellevate Network. Having honest fireside conversations with women leaders and mentors has been a highlight of this year for us. We’ve loved talking with Candance Chow of Next Group about combating ageism in the workplace and Emily Lamia of Pivot Journeys about how to figure out if a change is right for you. Don’t miss our next Roundtable on 1/22/22 for a midlife image refresh for 2022 with the fabulous stylist for women 40+, Tania Sterl!

  4. We were on the podcast circuit this year! We were happy to speak on topics ranging from how women’s work lives were disproportionately affected by the health crisis to sharing our story and explaining the ways EvolveMe helps women get to their next professional chapter. We’re so happy to have a voice at the table for you! Check out our faves here:

Need end-of-year inspiration to show you change is possible? Women tell us they go to our website blog “Evolutionary Thoughts” when they need a boost with nearly 100 feature articles and interviews, including profiles of women in the process of reinventing their careers (and those who’ve made it to the other side!) through our How She Did It and 40over40 series!

Thanks for reading! Here are some not-to-be-missed feature articles on the blog to give you the next chapter vibes you need for starting 2022 off right:

Our 40over40 Blog Series is on fire! Tell us what’s working for you and how you can offer tips for others in career transition. It will take you 15 minutes and may change someone’s life! Women tell us they return to these profiles again and again for inspiration. If you can’t see it, you can't be it! Help us elevate the professional lives of women over 40 and complete your profile here:

Women supporting women powers success! As we grow the EvolveMe community in 2022, we’re sending a huge THANK YOU to all the women who’ve supported us along the way.

Don’t go at it alone! Join the EvolveMe community to get the support you need in 2022!

Let’s go!


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