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Unlock the Potential
of  Your Workforce

Are you ready to cultivate a thriving female talent pipeline within your organization?

As a career growth consultancy, we partner with forward-thinking companies to bridge the gap between female potential and achievement.

Evolve with us!

Empowering Women to Thrive in the Evolving Workplace

  • Research shows gender diversity positively impacts a company's bottom-line performance.


  • More women in leadership broadens perspectives, improving problem-solving and innovation.


  • Advancing women in leadership fosters a diverse and inclusive culture, enhancing employee retention and attracting top talent.

Want to ensure you have a talent pipeline of female leaders? This is your time to recommit!

Our Mission

EvolveMe helps women thrive at work. By partnering with organizational leadership and ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) focused on building and sustaining top female talent, we support women by helping them to engage and advance in their roles.

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What sets us apart

  • Targeted Solutions: We offer a comprehensive suite of professional development workshops designed specifically for women.

  • Expert Facilitation: Our co-founders are seasoned career strategists and women's leadership experts.

  • Sustained Learning: Our 3-part workshop series format fosters long-term impact, maximizing your investment.

  • Actionable Outcomes: We provide pre-workshop exercises to maximize session outcomes. Following the workshop, our Take Action Workbook ensures actionable and lasting takeaways.

  • Inclusive Environment: Our collaborative facilitation fosters trust and empowers women to connect and support each other.

Client Feedback

          The response to EvolveMe's workshop has been amazing. We're excited about the number of people who've reached out with positive feedback and actionable ideas!


The workshop spurred the right conversations and provided next steps for our leaders.  We're excited for women at Baker Tilly to implement the strategies from the Voice+Visibility workshop and have a greater impact in their roles.


- Amanda Klein, Principal, Baker Tilly Digital

EvolveMe Workshops: Tailored for Impact

We offer unique 3-part workshop series designed to be tailored to your organization's specific needs.

  • Collaborative Planning: We work closely with you to understand your company's culture, challenges, and goals.

  • Curated Content: Based on your needs, we select workshops series from our library of engaging topics, or even create entirely new sessions.

  • Progressive Learning: Our workshops build upon each other, creating a comprehensive learning experience for maximum impact.

This approach ensures that women gain the most relevant and valuable skills and strategies. (Individual workshops are available upon request.)

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Build confident, inspiring leaders who navigate complex situations and empower their teams.


Voice + Visibility

Help women overcome self-doubt, amplify their voices, and become influential leaders.

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Foster a culture of collaboration and support by creating strong male and female allies for women in the workplace.

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Well-being @Work

Adapt to challenges, take on greater responsibility

and risks

Empower women to design career paths that maximize their strengths, align with their passions, and ignite career fulfillment.

Job Crafting

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Sample workshops topics 

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  • Self-Assessment Inventory: What Drives You Now?

  • How Your Strengths = Your Career Advancement “Superpowers”

  • Navigating Work Styles: Working Effectively in Teams

Voice + Visibility 

  • Tackle Imposter Syndrome: Tame Self-Doubt and Boost Confidence

  • Voice + Visibility: Amplify Your Voice at Work

  • Negotiating with Confidence: Empowering Women in the Workplace



  • Advice for My Younger (and Older) Self: Cross-Generational Learning

  • Allies in Action: Men Supporting Women in the Workplace

  • Women Empowering Women: Cultivating Collaboration over Competition


  • Setting Boundaries: Achieving Work-life Harmony

  • Juggling Work and Caregiving: Children, Parents, or both!

  • Develop Resiliency and Beat Burn Out!

Job Crafting

  • How to create your inner circle with peer-mentoring up/down/sideways 

  • Advice I’d give to my younger (and older self!) - Intergenerational mentoring

  • How to build an internal “personal board of advisors”

  • Level up your negotiation skills to be your own best advocate 

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Interested in how we can work with you? Schedule a 30 minute exploratory call HERE:

Participant Feedback

"This is one of the best woman-focused workshops I have attended. It was very actionable and helpful. Thank you!"
– participant, Baker Tilly Grow
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