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Corporate Workshops

Are you looking to build and sustain top female talent at your organization?


Do you want to dial in to what women need to thrive as the world of work changes at an ever-increasing pace?

Are you ready to invest in women's development and foster an environment for them to succeed?

We're here to partner with you...Evolve with us!

We’re experiencing seismic shifts in the labor market.


  • Research shows gender diversity positively impacts company bottom line performance.


  • Having more women in the workplace leads to higher job satisfaction for all genders.


  • Women are experiencing burnout and stress at unprecedented levels.


Want to ensure you have a talent pipeline of female leaders? This is your time to recommit!

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Our Mission

EvolveMe helps mid-career women thrive at work. By partnering with organizational leadership and teams focused on building and sustaining top female talent, we support women by helping them to engage and advance in their roles.

What sets us apart

At the heart of EvolveMe is a belief that when companies understand women’s needs, they’re better able to attract and retain them. 


EvolveMe’s work with highly accomplished and credentialed mid-career women who are returning to the workforce or pivoting careers gives us invaluable insight into what women want from organizations now. 


We know what causes experienced women to leave roles and what they’re looking for from employers in order to work sustainably AND optimally contribute to the bottom line.

      We so appreciate the partnership and the time and energy [EvolveMe] put into the workshop series provided for our Women LEAD participants.  We received strong, positive feedback around the sessions and the success of the program…We look toward a future opportunity to continue our partnership.

–Michele Estep, EVP, Chief Administrative Officer, OceanFirst Bank 

-Jeana Piscatelli, SVP, Head of Treasury Management, Ocean First Bank

  • a good culture fit, aligned with their values


  • flexible, acknowledging how work fits into the rest of their lives

  • actively addressing wellness and burnout

  • growth-oriented with opportunities for advancement

  • aware of the support women need to succeed

Women want to work for organizations that are:

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We partner with organizational leadership and women-focused ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) to offer programming and support to increase:

  • job satisfaction

  • employee engagement 

  • organizational dedication 

         We received great feedback from our women's employee resource group about EvolveMe's workshop on building confidence and tackling imposter syndrome. We look forward to partnering again!

– Lisa Erlich, Director of Learning and Developments, Devo

Our approach to women’s professional and personal development will give you an EDGE by supporting women employees in four key areas:

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Enhance confidence within a like-minded community, share talents and skills 



Spark new ideas, network across generations, functions and roles



Gain greater visibility, learn how to negotiate and advocate for yourself



Adapt to challenges, take on greater responsibility

and risks

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  • Tell Your Career Story - How did you get here?

  • Self-Assessment Inventory - What drives you now? 

  • Job crafting: Lead with your values to love your job (even more!)

  • How your strengths are your career advancement “superpowers”  

Voice + Visibility 

  • Tackling imposter syndrome: tame self-doubt and boost confidence!

  • Visibility + Voice: be an influencer and amplify your voice at work

  • What’s next? Market yourself to land the role you want​

  • Future proof your career: adapting to a rapidly changing environment


  • How to create your inner circle with peer-mentoring up/down/sideways 

  • Advice I’d give to my younger (and older self!) - Intergenerational mentoring

  • How to build an internal “personal board of advisors”

  • Level up your negotiation skills to be your own best advocate 


  • Beat burnout and boost self-care at work with 3 simple strategies

  • Resetting work: Achieving work-life integration vs. balance

  • Juggling work and caregiving - children, parents, or both

  • Build your risk-taking muscle with a growth mindset

Sample workshops topics 

         Judy and Linda are not just knowledgeable in the world of midcareer women, but relatable as well, and always make attendees feel comfortable. Looking forward to continuing to work with them on future events!

– Johanna Pulgarin, Senior Program Manager, Ellevate Network

           Thank you so much for delivering the Keynote and facilitating the workshop for our Leadership Day. Our event would not have been successful without your expertise, time and energy! The day was full of hope, inspiration, and introspection


Everyone brought their authentic selves and was able to be vulnerable in the safe supported environment you created. 


Our President and EVP stayed the entire day, took notes and did the work!  You truly made an impression on us all.  We look forward to working with you both again in the future.

-Erika B. & Sarah C., New York Junior League, Co-Chairs

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         Judy and Linda are fierce advocates for advancing women and an absolute pleasure to work with. As a team, they are creative and insightful with the ability to build mutualistic partnerships across organizations.

                    -Mary Pharris, Senior Director, Fairygodboss

           Thank you for your keynote Women In the Workforce: Finding Your Path and for leading an engaging

panel discussion. You're getting rave reviews from our participants! 

  -Gretchen DiMarco, Vice President of Operations, Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce 

Interested in how we can work with you? Schedule a 30 minute exploratory call HERE:

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           Linda and Judy, the dream team behind EvolveMe, have been wonderful to work with! I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the extremely warm, welcoming and open atmosphere of a multitude of EvolveMe’s programs but what I’d really like to shout out is the ease of working with them.


Judy and Linda make program set-up and execution seamless. The thoughtful and tailored way they think through each aspect of what attendees might need is a joy to be a part of! 


Judy and Linda are clearly tuned in, not only to the expressed needs of clients but to the motivations, desires, and concerns underlying those needs. Whether you’re looking to level up in your career or looking to partner with a thoughtful team, I couldn’t recommend the EvolveMe team enough! 

- Romana Ryals, Head of Programming and Community Partnerships, Luminary

Participant Feedback

" I'm learning valuable strategies as well as meeting women in the organization that I would have not had the opportunity to meet otherwise."
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