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Our Mission
EvolveMe is on a mission to advance women in mid-career. We work with groups of women in midlife looking to relaunch, reinvent or level up their careers and with companies invested in building and sustaining top female talent. 
Are you a woman in midlife who wants more from her career? Our training makes professional reinvention fun, rewarding, and doable!
Get the structure and tools you need to focus on yourself and invest in your future. You’ll go through the must-do steps needed for successful career change -- saving you time spent wondering “where do I go from here?”    


And with accountability and support from EvolveMe’s curated groups of like-minded women, you’ll clarify your direction, boost your confidence, and connect the dots to understand how your skills and experience are transferable to new opportunities that align with who you are now.

Are you an organization that values experienced female talent? At the heart of EvolveMe is a belief that when companies understand women’s needs, they’re better able to attract and retain them. 


Our experience in helping accomplished mid-career women land coveted roles have given us invaluable insight into what women want from organizations. 


We know what causes experienced female talent to leave roles and what they’re looking for from employers. We’ll partner with your leadership and ERG’s to increase women’s engagement with their work through mentoring and facilitated support. 

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Our story

Navigating a career transition can seem overwhelming and unachievable. We know because we’ve been there! We found the process isolating -- Linda as a returner after an 18-year break and Judy as a pivoter from a national non-profit.

We knew there were many women in the same position and yearned for a group of like-minded peers with whom to undergo the professional reinvention process. 

We founded EvolveMe to change the narrative for women and work.

We support women in midlife career transition through curated coaching and peer support AND empower women to engage and advance in their roles by partnering with organizational leadership focused on building and sustaining top female talent.

         Your programming is inspiring! The materials and information you cover are vast and helpful. Having participated in other workshops, I believe Linda and Judy do a spectacular job". 

                   -Perri Procida, CEO Wiltshire Partners


Judy Schoenberg

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Linda Lautenberg

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Meet Judy and Linda


 We believe in the power of women supporting women to educate, motivate, and sustain each other.



Adopting a growth mindset is critical to working through transition and coming out stronger on the other side. 




Change in our personal lives or the lives of those around us can impact our priorities and career goals. 



Bring your authentic self to the table. Evolve creates a safe space for you to be vulnerable.



Having an optimistic outlook will get you through times of rejection or failure and strengthen your resilience. 

Our Values
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     Judy is the coach who sees your potential before you can. She is the mentor who offers guidance, suggests vital resources, and opens doors to worlds you can’t imagine". 

            -Lindsay Bressman, Executive Director, Civic Spirit

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     I took a leap because of Linda. Her steady encouragement, wisdom and can-do attitude were just what I needed to jumpstart my next chapter".

       -Anna Blanding, Founder and CEO,

The Pilliner Group

Reinvention Readiness Quiz

Remember those quizzes in the back of Cosmo magazine? This is nothing like that. You'll gain:

  • Insights into where you are in your transition

  • Greater understanding of where you need to grow

  • Clarity on how committed you are to making a change now

Taking time to become more self-aware -- understanding where you are in your career transition and what it takes to be successful -- will give you a leg up!

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