Our Mission
EvolveMe makes reinventing your career in midlife fun, rewarding, and doable! Get the structure and tools you need to focus on yourself and invest in your future. You’ll go through the must-do steps needed for successful career change -- saving you time spent wondering “where do I go from here?”.    


And with accountability and support from EvolveMe’s curated groups of like-minded women, you’ll clarify your direction, boost your confidence, and connect the dots to understand how your skills and experience are transferable to new opportunities that align with who you are now. 
Our story

Navigating a career transition can seem overwhelming and unachievable. We know because we’ve been there! We found the process isolating -- Linda as a returner after an 18-year break and Judy as a pivoter from a national non-profit. We knew there were many women in the same position and yearned for a group of like-minded peers with whom to undergo the professional reinvention process. 


After building out a program for women returning to work in the social impact sector, we came to realize the very real need for programming developed for the specific needs of women at mid-life. And we discovered our passion. We founded EvolveMe as a way to help mid-career women kick-start their career transformation through curated programming and support from each other. 


         Your programming is inspiring! The materials and information you cover are vast and helpful. Having participated in other workshops, I believe Linda and Judy do a spectacular job". 

                                                          -Perri Procida, CEO Wiltshire Partners

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For women in midlife who dream of a next career chapter (and the community, structure, and tools to make it happen!)

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