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EvolveMe 1:1 Coaching

Is it time to check in on your career?

What would it feel like to have ongoing 1:1 support from women who’ve been in your shoes AND get where you’re at now? (that’s us!)

How about the relief you’d feel knowing someone was in your corner to offer curated tips + tools plus accountability to move forward?

Set yourself up for success by working with true partners who’ve helped hundreds of women like you have MORE.

Whether you need a one-time check-in + accountability and action steps or a longer engagement to put you on your path, EvolveMe's got you covered with TWO 1:1 advising options to help you launch the career of your dreams!

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re struggling to figure out what direction to take next in your career.

  • You’re ready to return to the paid workforce, but it feels overwhelming.

  • You want more meaning or satisfaction in your current company, industry, or role

We’re here to help you reach the next (and best!) stage in your career. Get expert advice, support, and accountability to address your specific challenges and opportunities, wherever you are in your midlife career journey.

Career Clarity Audit

Get clear and TAKE ACTION! Gaining clarity is the most important step to a successful next chapter – and one many women skip! 

The Career Clarity Audit is a short-term, structured, 1:1 experience to get clear on your career direction. Give yourself the time and space to explore your strengths and talents and plan for new opportunities.


You'll leave with 3 concrete action steps (and we'll be your accountability partner to see you through!)

Invest in the inner work now – and you’ll go further, faster!

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The Career Clarity Audit is for you if:

  • you're ready to get clear on your strength, purpose, opportunities and challenges

  • you want concrete action steps to move you forward in your career

  • you need to get unstuck and need 1:1 problem-solving and support

  • you're joining the next Reinvention Collective cohort and want a head start

  • you have a specific time-bound need, such as an upcoming interview

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What you'll get

  • a big picture EvolveMe-designed assessment of where you are in your career transition

  • a deeper understanding of the pain points holding you back

  • a renewed sense of clarity and direction

  • 3 action steps to use right now to gain momentum​​

How it works

  • Complete the Career Clarity Audit Survey

  • Schedule your one-hour audit conversation

  • Commit to 1 of 3 potential action steps

  • Follow up with a 1/2 hour accountability call

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Price for everything?

  • $697 for survey assessment, two 1:1 sessions and 3 curated action steps!

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Career Coaching Intensive

Get the foundations of EvolveMe’s proprietary DARE™ method for career reinvention - tools for self-inquiry and building your professional portfolio. PLUS a custom plan for moving forward! 

What’s worked for 8 cohorts of women in our signature training, the Reinvention Collective can now work for YOU with our 1:1 deep-dive Career Reinvention Intensive! 

Over 6 sessions we’ll show you what’s possible and how to TAKE ACTION!

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The Career Reinvention Intensive is for you if:

You need longer-term 1:1 support and an accountability plan to follow through on goal setting + action steps and:

  • You want to infuse more meaning, growth, and joy into your current role. We're job crafting experts!

  • You're ready to make a change and need help getting clear on your direction, understanding how your strengths align with opportunities now. 

  • You need to get past imposter syndrome and boost your confidence.

  • You want to repackage your expertise and professional profile to gain visibility, level up or make a career change 

  • You need an accountability partner to keep you on track and ensure success!

Something else? We’ve got you covered. Come with ALL your questions!  From our work with hundreds of women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond - we’ll give you strategies for midlife career success!

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What you'll get

  • an EvolveMe-designed assessment of your goals

  • 6 targeted sessions  – whether you’re thinking about returning to the paid workforce, changing careers or leveling up in your current role

  • Curated-for-you materials based on your specific needs

  • An action plan for the next 90 days 

How it works

  • Complete EvolveMe's goal-setting assessment form

  • Schedule your initial 60-minute diagnostic session with one of EvolveMe’s co-founders — get to know us and get crystal clear on your goals!

  • Plan four 60-minute 1:1 strategic career advising sessions over 2 months — for true, transformational momentum.

  • Emerge with a curated 90-day action plan

  • Check-In for a 60-minute accountability followup after 90-days

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Your investment

  • $1997 for goal-setting assessment, six 1:1 sessions and a 90-day action plan!

Client Love 

carolyn baxter headshot_edited.jpg

Carolyn B.

EvolveMe is the gift that keeps on giving! Thank you Judy and Linda!

carolyn baxter headshot_edited.jpg

Carolyn B.

EvolveMe is the gift that keeps on giving! Thank you Judy and Linda!

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