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Fall in love with your work: Career advice from rockstar women in midlife

headshots of 10 women in midlife

Be honest with yourself...have you been dreaming of a next chapter, but feel stuck trying to get clear on a future direction?

And on top of that, there’s the fear it’s too late?

  • You might put off learning new skills - what if that’s not the right path for you?

  • You freeze up just thinking about how you’d add value to a new industry.

  • Maybe you’ve been out of the paid workforce awhile and get tongue-tied whenever someone asks you that dreaded question, “So… what do you do?”

Advice from women who’ve reinvented their careers in midlife can help you get in the right frame of mind. You can’t get clear on a new direction if the voices in your head tell you it’s impossible.

We’ve been in your shoes. And so have the amazing women we profile in EvolveMe’s How She Did It feature, part of our Evolutionary Thoughts blog. Now we’re rounding up some of the best advice these superstars would give their 20-year-old selves. Just for you!

Why wait? You don’t need to put your dreams on hold for another minute. Or month. Or year!

Borrow confidence from 10 rockstar women in the EvolveMe community who’ve made it to the other side of career reinvention in their 40s, 50s, and beyond!

The advice I wish I had given to my 20-year-old self is…

Always be open-minded and connect with as many interesting people as possible.

Stop worrying about what others think of you or your plans. Listen to your heart.

Do not stress about getting a B in Constitutional Law or Geology.

Believe in yourself. Trust your gut and be unafraid.

Don't silence yourself to fit other people's ideals. I was told I was "too much" of everything - loud, sassy, smart - you name it. It has taken me a long time to realize that I'm not too much now, nor was I ever.

I would encourage my younger self to really fall in love with the day-to-day work, instead of focusing so intently on desired outcomes…what I’ve learned is that building something thoughtfully takes time. The day-to-day work needs to fuel you.

Invest in yourself. Start saving now. Make time for people within your circle and outside of your circle. We are social creatures designed to communicate with and support each other.

You will make mistakes along the way, and it's going to be OK. Remember to learn from them. It's ok to be strong, and it's OK to step out and lead. Don't be afraid of either. The other piece of advice is to follow your instincts.

Don't ask for permission. I always had a sense of order and protocol. I gave that up in my 40s.

Don't be so caught up in what others think about you. Half the time, people don't even care as much as we think they do, yet we base our decisions for ourselves on others. Follow your heart/gut but with a sound mind. Learn to trust yourself first.

This advice is GOLD, offering the mindsets and perspective you need to get started. (Do you even remember what you got in Geology?)

Don’t waste another day stuck where you are right now.

What's getting in your way now, sapping your energy and keeping you standing still?

Get a midlife mindset reset with our free resource, 6 Mindset Traps Holding You Back from Your Next (Best!) Chapter(and how to avoid them!) to see if they’re setting you up for success. Learn how to move past limiting beliefs about what’s possible for you!

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