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How She Did It: Dr. Davia Madariaga

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Each month we feature inspirational women who've made it to the other side of career change. Learn how they did it and take away usable tips from their professional journeys!

Meet Dr. Davia Madariaga, change management specialist, programs expert, mediator, and consultant. Davia's superpower? Making sense of difficult processes and connecting the dots so that everyone around her understands how to reach their goals.

A Reinvention Collective alumnae, Davia is thriving in her new role as Manager of Strategy and Portfolio at Meteorcomm. One of the most powerful things Davia reported back to us after she'd been in her role a few months was that, although she was new in tech, she was using 90% transferable skills she already had, and only 10% new, industry-specific skills.

That's an incredible endorsement for leaning into your existing strengths when looking to make a change.

We're thrilled for Davia and her exciting new chapter! Read on to be inspired and find out how she did it.

What's your current role? I'm the Manager of Strategy and Portfolio at Meteorcomm

What is your mantra, mission, or manifesto? Positivity is seeing things as they are while working toward a respectful solution. (Also - my word is my currency, it loses value when my actions do not match.)

What are you most passionate about right now? Professionally, learning everything I can about my new industry while applying my knowledge to lead initiatives to position the company future-forward.

Personally, disconnecting daily and enjoying nature and my family.

You're granted an extra hour in the day; how do you spend it? Hiking! I've got to get out and hike, and living in the Seattle area, great places to hike abound.

The advice I wish I had given to my 20-year-old self is… Don't silence yourself to fit other people's ideals. I was told I was "too much" of everything - loud, sassy, smart - you name it. It has taken me a long time to realize that I'm not too much now, nor was I ever.

The advice that I want to give to my 75-year-old self is... More like a suggestion - continue to grow! Learn! Observe and write! Get out and live, loud and large!

Your theme song that played every time you walked in a room would be? "You are the Sunshine of my life" - because we truly are the sunshine in each other's lives.

Best career advice for other women? Be flexible, and be yourself. ALL experience is valuable experience. Take the time to meet many people and get to know them. We are ALL in the people business.

What's up next? Continued growth, both professionally and personally! I also have an educational consulting business that feeds my educator soul and I volunteer with my sorority at the local and national levels.


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