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You’ve got this! Leverage flexibility to craft work-life harmony

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Remember our conversation about how to find your happy place in the spectrum of work-life harmony? (If you missed it, check out our previous blog article The Juggle Is Real).

With more flexibility in the workplace than ever, this is the moment women have been waiting for! The advent of remote and hybrid work makes it possible to weave our lives into our work (and vice versa).

But how do you make flexibility work for you? 

We're diving deeper into flexibility, a key ingredient in work-life harmony, with 5 tips to create a work environment that bends with your needs, not the other way around:

1. Advocate for yourself. Communication is key! Think about how you can be more candid about what works for you in your life and work. Talk to your manager about your desire for flexibility. Be clear about your needs, whether it's a flexible start/end time, condensed workweek, or hybrid/remote work opportunities. 

There’s a specific opportunity in this moment as many companies embrace flexible work arrangements – you might be surprised by what's possible!

2. Embrace Technology. Technology is your friend! Utilize tools like project management platforms or communication apps to stay connected and collaborate effectively when working remotely. 

Mastering these tools empowers you to work productively from anywhere. Embracing the latest work tech also keeps you relevant and up-to-date, demonstrating your adaptability (Embracing the latest work tech helps combat ageism too!) 

3. Say yes to boundaries, but make them flexible. Boundaries are important, but when striving for work-life harmony, be ready to adapt as needed. Set clear communication expectations with colleagues – when you're available and when you're offline. 

Take control of your calendar. Make sure it reflects your availability and block off times for concentrated work or personal obligations before others schedule over those times. You may have to allow for adjustments sometimes, but being proactive is the best way to protect your time.

4. Batch similar tasks. Group similar tasks to minimize context switching and maximize productivity. For example, dedicate a specific time block in your calendar each week for emails or phone calls. This focused approach allows you to accomplish more in less time, freeing up space for personal priorities. 

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5. Calendar "Me Time.” With multiple demands on your time, it’s easy to get lost in your to-do lists and forget to recharge. But taking time to fill your own cup will allow you to be a better version of yourself at home and work. And it’s not selfish! 

Here’s the key—self-care won’t happen if it’s not in your calendar. Block out time for activities that nourish you – a workout, a coffee date with a friend, or reading a book. And stick to it! Prioritizing self-care combats burnout and keeps you energized for both work and personal life.


Remember, you’re in charge! As the CEO of you, you get to decide where your priorities lie. By embracing flexibility and open communication, you can create a work environment that supports your needs and allows you to thrive in midlife and beyond.

Now it's YOUR turn! Share your best tips for creating a flexible work-life harmony with us. Email us at or

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