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What's your ledge? How we pushed past our comfort zones together

EvolveMe co-founder Linda is terrified of heights.

For their 26th wedding anniversary, she and her husband went on a hiking trip to Sedona.

In the above photo, she’s waaaaay out of her comfort zone. There were so many hikes like this - so many ledges.

Rest assured, she wouldn’t have climbed out there if she hadn’t been with her husband. He told her she could do it - and she trusted him.

On their way back to New Jersey, Linda prepped for a workshop and keynote address she was giving with her co-founder, Judy.

(Linda is uncomfortable speaking in public - another ledge! )

And THEN last week, she and Judy recorded 4 episodes on the new Better Than Gossip TV streaming show with Amy Schmidt and Kristen Coffield. (Which Linda knew will be super fun. But still. Public speaking on camera. And first time on TV.)

More ledges to climb out onto, as far as Linda was concerned.

But Judy told Linda she could do it. And she trusted her.

Of course, guess what? It was all amazing! And the feedback from those speaking engagements? A+!

Linda's takeaway? Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone can be exhilarating!

Later that week, Judy went to a live event where menopause was the featured topic. That meant admitting to herself it was here - this stage of life.

A ledge for Judy. Her body changing and her mind shifting gears to being firmly in midlife. And on top of that, it was her first large in-person event since the pandemic. What to wear? Hmmm…it’s New York. Go with all black and blend into the crowd? But since turning 50 last year, Judy’s been pushing herself to reinvent her professional style to reflect her new role as an entrepreneur, as opposed to conforming to a company’s image.

Let’s say she was on a style ledge.

Judy boldly went with a plum-colored faux leather dress! It was out of her comfort zone, but her co-founder Linda told her she could absolutely pull it off - and she trusted her. And she got so many compliments – including one from Stacy London, formerly of the style show “What Not To Wear”- who loved her dress. Wow. (Linda was impressed! Big fan…)

Judy’s takeaway? Being visible in midlife and vibrantly re-entering the in-person world feels good right now. What’s your ledge?

And who is your trusted support who’ll give you the confidence to climb out onto it?

Whether you’re exploring a return to the workforce or career pivot, don’t go at it alone! The more you surround yourself with people who get you and support you, the more encouraged you’ll be to grow and go beyond your comfort zone – out on the ledge. That’s where the magic happens!

Here’s a tool to get you started!

What mindsets keep you stuck? Unable to even THINK about the ledge in the first place? Check out our tool here to uncover those voices in your head that are holding you back from all your possibility!

Download our FREE resource here:

Learn more about EvolveMe at and find inspiration from other women who’ve made it out onto their ledge in our blog Evolutionary Thoughts.


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