For women in midlife
who dream of a
next career chapter
(and the community, structure,
and tools to make it happen!)

Ready to take your first step?

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Career reinvention. We've been there - we get it!

 And we want success for you.

Feeling stuck professionally? Isolated?

Not sure where to start? 

Don't go it alone!

EvolveMe is a career growth company for women in midlife.

We're on a mission to help you gain the confidence, support and accountability for your next bold move.  

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         I was so energized and inspired by your program. Your message was on point and authentic. I am overjoyed that EvolveMe is providing a light to women on their professional and life journeys!" 

-Judie Saunders, Esq.

Take a Page from Zibby Owens! 

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If you can't see it, you can't be it!

We had an inspiring conversation with Zibby Owens, creator of the award-winning podcast Moms Don't Have Time to..., author, publisher, CEO, and mom of 4! 


Zibby shared first-hand her journey detailed in her deeply personal memoir, Bookends. She told us about finding her voice, moving past rejection, overcoming perfectionism, and debunking the myth that careers need to be linear to be successful.


We promise, you’ll see yourself in the twists and turns of Zibby’s career journey and come away filled with optimism - and a smile!


Are you exploring a career pivot to find more fulfillment?


Are you thinking of returning to work after a career break?


Are you emerging from a personal transition?

We've got your back! Evolve with us.

Are you ready for your next chapter?

Remember those quizzes in the back of Cosmo magazine? This is nothing like that. You'll gain:

  • Insights into where you are in your transition

  • Greater understanding of where you need to grow

  • Clarity on how committed you are to making a change now

Taking time to become more self-aware -- understanding where you are in your career transition and what it takes to be successful -- will give you a leg up!

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Be strategic about your next chapter!

Get out of your head and start making change happen for you and your career!

We've adapted a classic strategic planning tool - the SWOT analysis - for self-assessment with a special EvolveMe spin!

Use this tool to create a snapshot of where you’re at right now AND get strategic about your next chapter!

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          As a member of the EvolveMe Reinvention Collective and Membership community, I learned so much about myself, my strengths and my goals. I was able to refresh both my resume and LinkedIn profile and feel more confident and ready to launch my next chapter.


          Linda and Judy are warm and genuine and provided a safe space for me to learn, share, question and grow. I am grateful for their help and guidance and would recommend EvolveMe to anyone who is thinking of pivoting or going back to work."

                                                    - Susan B., Entrepreneur

Better Not Younger!


We were excited that Better Not Younger featured EvolveMe Co-Founder Judy Schoenberg as entrepreneur of the week!

We've been big fans of Sonsoles Gonzalez's amazing hair care company focused on the needs of women 40+. Her career reinvention inspires us!

Forbes 50 over 50!

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🌟 EvolveMe is thrilled that Co-Founder Linda Lautenberg was nominated for this year's Forbes 50 Over 50 list! 

🔥In partnership with Mika Brzezinski and her “Know Your Value” initiative, Forbes is spotlighting women over 50 who've achieved significant success later in life.

             The Collective was a great confidence-building program and helped me focus and work on my career search toolkit. This was what I needed to get myself organized and to start my job search in this new year. 

                                            -Betty W.,  Business Transformation Leader

      The Reinvention Collective helped me change my fears into opportunities. I learned how to own my skills and talents rather than define them through past job titles. Linda and Judy lead the program with motivation and empathy.

                                                                 -Victoria D, Management Consultant

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Evolve with us!

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