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Thinking about reinventing your career? Start HERE

If you're like us (recovering Type As – there, we said it!), having a plan is EVERYTHING. It helps you organize your thoughts and gets you into action.

That's why we developed the DARE™ method of career reinvention, which provides a roadmap for women to relaunch or pivot professionally in midlife successfully.

Our signature training, the Reinvention Collective, is based on DARE™ - and we're thrilled with the results women in our community have Landing coveted roles, experimenting with project work, and launching ventures.

In our upcoming blog articles, we're giving you *bite-sized* career reinvention tips from the 4 phases of DARE (Discover - Amplify - Refresh - Embark) to get you going!

Discover: Start with what you've got

Are you stuck trying to figure out where to begin? That was Linda when she was looking to reenter the paid workforce after a caregiving break. She didn't want to go back to finance - but that was all she knew. So she spun her wheels for over two years!

We hear this same story from so many women we work with.

Here's one of our *tried + true* tips from the Discover portion of our signature training program, the Reinvention Collective. You don't have to look far...

Start with what you've got!

“As women, we undervalue what we have and we overvalue what we don’t."

This mindset holds you back from making a change AND from getting more out of the job you have.

You can't see what makes you unique because to you, it's just who you are. You're too close to it.

One way to see your strengths more clearly - ask someone who knows you well to describe what they see as your superpowers.

Then, answer these 3 questions:

  1. What do people come to you for?

  2. What do you get complimented on?

  3. What skill has always come naturally to you?

Take it from women just like you who are making fantastic career progress. They all started by taking time to discover who they are - now.

Listen to what one woman had to say who just graduated from the Reinvention Collective - our 12- week virtual cohort training program for women in midlife career transition.

"The Reinvention Collection was a game-changer for me in so many ways…I felt at a crossroads professionally. I knew I wanted change, but felt stuck. The RC was really a "be a leader in your own life" experience for me.
The program pushed me to do the work to define my strengths and then reflect on where I wanted to use them and how. I defined my career vision, honed in on my messaging and tools, and gained a lot of confidence along the way.
Tie the work with the support of an amazing group of women, and you have an experience that I know I will always look back on with gratitude and pride." - Noelle H.

Have you been wondering if it's time for you to make a change? How do you know if you're ready - or what you need to have in place to be successful? We have a free resource to help you think that through!

Download EvolveMe's Reinvention Readiness Quiz HERE. Hey -who doesn't love a quiz?

We want success for you!



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