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Get ready to spring into career gear and out of regret (finally!)

We can’t stop thinking about this new research on regret.

Regret is a powerful emotion. And now there’s reason to believe you can use regret in new ways to fuel your career reinvention!

Brene Brown recently interviewed Daniel Pink, author of The Power of Regret. Our biggest takeaway? Get this…

You’ll regret not taking action more than you will regret taking action. That means you’ll regret what you don’t do, more than what you do. That stopped us in our tracks.

So often, women we work with in the EvolveMe community tell us they fear it’s too late to make a professional change. That if they go for it, they could fail. That they’ll regret taking the risk.

Or they worry they’ll choose the wrong path and regret their decision.

But what’s the alternative? Inaction. Staying stuck. Status quo.

This is where the new research comes in. You’ll regret not taking a chance on yourself more than you’ll regret not succeeding on the first try or making the “wrong choice”.

This gem of wisdom can change everything for women thinking about career reinvention. Looking back we know it did for us.

It’s why Judy took a leap from her executive role at a national nonprofit to explore what else was out there for her.

It’s why Linda accepted a position at a startup - in a completely new field - after a 16-year caregiving break from her finance career.

Pink highlights two key career regrets:

  1. Not being bold enough and playing it safe. This sounds like: I wish I’d had the guts to go out on my own and launch that business. I wish I’d explored that career path/talent/interest further.

  2. Another career-oriented regret is not investing in yourself This sounds like: I wish I’d made taken my education more seriously. I wish I’d invested in that master's degree or professional development program.

What will you regret NOT doing? Thinking about what you’ll regret not doing will give you greater clarity and urge you to act.

  • Learning a new skill?

  • Reaching out to someone you admire?

  • Sharing your dream to be a…….?

  • Telling your boss your great idea?

  • Giving yourself permission to quit?

  • Enrolling in a course?

  • Asking for a raise or promotion?

The number one thing that will get you unstuck is taking action. Don’t defer your dreams. Take steps - even small steps count - to bring you closer to realizing them. Renewal is in the air. What’s one action you’ll take this spring? One thing you’ll regret if you never get to it?

Share it with a friend or colleague for accountability! Or with us by replying to this email. We love to hear from you!

Want to get started on your career plan?

Download our career strategy tool to start mapping out your next move. It’s the tool many businesses use for planning - modified for career reinvention with a special EvolveMe spin! Get it here: The EvolveMe Career Reinvention Analyzer

We want success - NOT regrets - for you!


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