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How to slay your dragon in 2021 (and get clear on your career!)

How to slay your dragon in 2021 (and get clear on your career!) We’ve been taking time to reflect and set intentions for the New Year. As a community, we know that working women have been disproportionately negatively affected by the pandemic. But we won’t let it stop us! That’s why we are going to hit the ground running with you in 2021 and get back on track.

One of the most surefire ways to stay focused as we head into 2021?

Ask questions that challenge you to grow and gain greater focus.

Before the holidays we had an inspiring EvolveMe webinar about strategies to jumpstart career reinvention in midlife. And we got the BEST question:

What's the biggest dragon women need to slay during a career transition?

And if you’re not the fairy tale type...

What do you fear you won’t conquer in 2021? Creating a rock-star resume? Learning to network like a pro? Having confidence in your skills? Acing an interview? Sure all of these things are important. But what holds women back from getting traction in a career transition is the dreaded Direction Dragon!

Without a clearer sense of where you want to go - you won’t be able to leverage all the talents you have. Resume without direction. Pointless. Networking without direction. Ineffective. Confidence without direction. Near Impossible. Interview without direction. Flat.

The number one thing that holds women back is not spending enough time on the inner work it takes to gain clarity for your next professional move.

We get it. It’s hard to do it alone. And often you fear what you’re going to find. What if you can’t get there and turn up empty?

Announcing the Winter 2021 Reinvention Collective starting February 16! Join a like-minded group of women with similar goals in our 10-week virtual signature training program.

We’re in awe of the tremendous progress the women in our Fall Reinvention Collective cohorts made! In addition to interviewing, getting consulting gigs, multiple job offers! and starting their own businesses, they’ve gained an invaluable opportunity to develop their self-confidence within a supportive community of accomplished women.

So many participants describe the Collective as...LIFE-CHANGING!

“It took only a few minutes to see that Judy and Linda had walked this path and undoubtedly understood the practical and psychological challenges women face in the workplace. Through the EvolveMe Reinvention Collective, I had access to great resources and educational opportunities, but more importantly, I found a community of like-minded women."

“The Reinvention Collective was an amazing experience with like-minded midlife women from diverse backgrounds all coming together to help one another! I would highly recommend it to someone who is feeling "stuck" in their job search or career and needs to build their confidence!”

"The best outcome for me came when my husband said, “You’ve changed. You’ve taken this thing [EvolveMe] seriously and you’re betting on yourself. I’m excited for you.” Thanks Judy and Linda. I have a newfound optimism about my future."

Now’s your chance to have the community, structure and support you need to make the career transition fun AND doable!

Learn more about the Reinvention Collective here:

Sign up for a 1:1 Reinvention Breakthrough Strategy Session to explore if the Reinvention Collective is a match for you! Talk with women like us and hear firsthand from women in our community who’ve made it to the other side of career reinvention in midlife. Check out our blog here to gain inspiration about what’s possible for you, too: How She Did It.

We want you to feel like the strong, smart and take-charge women that you are! Invest in yourself with a group of women heading in the same direction and we promise you -- you'll see exponential success in your career journey!


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