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Get Inspiration from 6 Superstar Podcasts for Women in Midlife Career Transition


Are you looking for guidance, inspiration, and fresh perspectives in your midlife career transition? We've got you covered!

You're not alone on this next chapter adventure. EvolveMe's sharing 6 podcasts we can't stop listening to right now.

Check out these shows to keep you motivated, uplifted, and fueled with the knowledge and confidence you need to thrive during this exciting chapter of your life.

From inspiring stories of reinvention to practical advice on happiness, personal growth, problem-solving at work, and financial empowerment, these friendly voices will help you think outside the box! Let's dive in!

katie fogarty

A Certain Age with Katie Fogarty is an age-positive podcast that helps you live your best, evolving midlife. We know the only constant is change. Kids grow. Jobs come and go. What it takes to be fit, healthy, happy, and fulfilled looks waaaay different than it did in our thirties and forties. Amp up your midlife with expert tips, tools, and resources to help with the hard stuff and light you up about what’s next. Pop in your AirPods and spend time with women like you knocking it out of the midlife park and sharing real-life blueprints for navigating speedbumps and setbacks. Because who hasn’t hit a midlife pothole (or two)?

podcast logo

Happier with Gretchen Rubin is about finding joy and contentment in life. Although not exclusively focused on midlife career transitions, Gretchen Rubin, a renowned author and happiness expert, shares practical advice and valuable insights that can be applied to any life transition. From setting goals to cultivating positive habits, this podcast will empower you to make the most of your midlife career change while keeping happiness at the forefront.

jean chatzky

HerMoney with Jean Chatzky: Now, let's talk about an essential aspect of career transitions: finances. Jean Chatzky's "HerMoney" podcast is dedicated to empowering women financially. With episodes that cover career advancement, negotiation skills, and financial independence, Jean provides invaluable insights for women navigating a midlife career change. Take control of your financial future and feel confident in your decisions. Jean is here to help you every step of the way.

julia louis dreyfus

Wiser than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the answer to “Why don't we hear more from older women?” Julia Louis-Dreyfus sits down with Jane Fonda, Carol Burnett, Amy Tan, Diane von Furstenberg, Isabel Allende, Fran Lebowitz (and more!) to get schooled in how to live a full and meaningful life. Join the Emmy award winning-best actress on her first-ever podcast for funny, touching, personal conversations with unforgettable women who are always WISER THAN ME™.

podcast logo

Women at Work by Harvard Business Review tackles the gender discrimination women experience throughout their careers. There's no workplace orientation session about narrowing the wage gap, standing up to interrupting male colleagues or taking on many other issues we encounter at work. HBR staffers Amy Bernstein, Amy Gallo, and Emily Caulfield interview gender experts, tell stories about their own experiences, and offer practical advice to help you succeed despite the obstacles.

podcast image

Quit Your Day Job with Alisha Fernandez Miranda a podcast for people still dreaming about their dream jobs. An ex-CEO who quit her career to take unpaid internships at the dream jobs of her childhood AND author of My What If Year — Alisha interviews amazing people working in the kinds of careers you have pinned up on your vision board — TV director, life coach, philanthropist, actress — to find out what it’s really like behind the scenes! And...stay tuned! This fall, she's is launching a new podcast, Extra Shot with Alisha Fernandez Miranda. It’s a fun and upbeat talk show about injecting a jolt of energy into your day. EvolveMe is excited to be a sponsor of this new show, including fun partner features!

So grab your headphones, tune in, and let these incredible hosts guide you through this exciting chapter of your life.

*Remember, as you’re listening, look for one takeaway to apply to your week!*

And if you’re looking for live inspiration to get your career transition going, check out EvolveMe’s *NEW* expanded 1:1 coaching services to gain clarity in your career direction – we have a few spots left this summer! Do the inner work now, and you’ll be set for fall.


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