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From Baby Boomers to Gen Z: Intergenerational Alliances that empower ALL women at work!

Did you know this is the first time there are five generations in the workforce – together? There’s bound to be a clash of cultures. 

The upside? There’s also a tremendous opportunity for the generations to learn from each other. 

At Evolveme, we work with women in midlife who can face ageism in the workplace and feel displaced by younger generations. But women in their 40s, 50s and 60s have so much to learn from women who grew up in the digital age.  

And more experienced women can impart their wisdom from decades of experience living, working, and accumulating leadership skills like resilience, adaptability, and communication that are so needed in the workforce today.

We’re changing the narrative about what’s possible when we think about cross-generation collaboration with women at work! 

Imagine a work environment where women of all ages – from more experienced women to rising stars – learn from each other, collaborate, and offer mutual support.  

Here's why intergenerational alliances between women are the key to unlocking success for everyone:

The power of experience:  A recent study by McKinsey & Company found that companies with a higher percentage of women in leadership roles have 21% higher profitability.  Senior women leaders bring a wealth of experience, perspective, and strategic thinking to the table. When they mentor and guide younger women, they empower them and ensure valuable institutional knowledge is passed down.

Fresh perspectives & innovation:  Millennial and Gen Z women enter the workforce with solid digital fluency and a focus on social impact - invaluable competencies in a rapidly changing world.  By embracing younger generations' fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, senior women lead teams and companies that are current and competitive.

Building a more inclusive future:  A 2022 Lean In study revealed that only 45% of Black women and 55% of Latinas report having strong allies at work.  By fostering intergenerational alliances, women can create more inclusive and supportive work environments where everyone feels valued and empowered to reach their full potential.

Here are 3 powerful ways to encourage cross-generational collaboration:

  1. Mentorship mutuality: Mentorship isn't a one-way street. Younger women can mentor senior colleagues on the latest digital tools and social media trends. Senior leaders can help younger women chart career paths, share their experiences balancing work and family responsibilities, and prepare them for advancement opportunities.

  2. Reverse mentoring: Encourage senior women leaders to seek guidance from younger colleagues on navigating the changing work landscape. Be curious and ask questions to understand how you may need to skill up to stay relevant.

  3. Embracing open communication is key! Create opportunities for intergenerational open dialogue. If you’re in a company role, advocate for workshops and events where women of all ages can share their experiences and perspectives and understand each other’s communication preferences and work styles. And reach out to a woman across the generational aisle for coffee—there’s so much to gain from learning about each others’ perspectives more informally.

The more we understand each other, the more empathy we can have for the specific challenges women face in the beginning, middle, or later stages of their careers.

When women support women across generations, it's not just about individual success - it's about creating a more equitable and thriving work environment for all.

We want more for you! 

Chances are you work in an intergenerational team. Grab our free resource: How to of You - The EvolveMe Personal User Manual to better understand what drives you and how you like to work. Trust us – you’ll be surprised what you learn about yourself. Share with your colleagues and understand each other better!


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