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Career Reinvention Audit

Is it time to check-in on your career?


Whether you want to return to the workforce or make a change, or you’re in transition and need feedback or help realigning your path  -- you deserve to put yourself into your calendar! 


Book a 1:1 Career Reinvention Audit with us and gain the clarity you need to move forward!

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What you'll get

  • a big picture assessment of where you are in your career transition

  • a deeper understanding of the pain points holding you back

  • renewed sense of clarity and direction

  • 3 action steps to use right now to gain momentum​​

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How it works

  • Complete the Career Reinvention Audit Survey

  • Schedule your one hour Audit Conversation

  • Commit to one action step

  • Follow up with a 1/2 hour accountability call

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The Career Reinvention Audit is for you if:

  • you’re looking to get unstuck and need 1:1 problem solving and support

  • you want to identify steps to get started in your career transition (whether you’re relaunching or pivoting)

  • you’ve relaunched and find yourself at an inflection point

  • you need dedicated time to reflect on your career transition

  • you want to get back on track!

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Price for everything?

  • $697 for survey assessment, two 1:1 sessions and 3 curated action steps!


What Our Clients Say

carolyn baxter headshot_edited.jpg

Carolyn B.

EvolveMe is the gift that keeps on giving! Thank you Judy and Linda!

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