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5 Reinvention Reads You Want on Your Bedside Table

When someone lets you in on their story, you’ve got to listen.

By following the twists and turns in the lives of others - especially women we admire - we glean valuable takeaways to apply to our own journeys.

The books listed below have been gems for us at EvolveMe. They’re full of practical wisdom that only comes from women’s life experiences across roles, ages, stages, and industries.

We’ve turned to these pages to lift us up during times of transition. And we know they’ll do the same for you!

Digging into a book that’s authentic and honest can shift your outlook of what’s possible after just a few pages – or a few minutes (if you’re an audible multi-tasker like Linda.)

Who doesn’t want that?

Here are EvolveMe's top 5 reads. For the beach, your commute, or your bedside table.

We’re excited for you to dig in! We promise these books will get the neurons firing and your heart glowing.

Pivot by Jenny Blake

Feeling stuck without a plan? Pivot takes you through a process to navigate personal career changes and growth. It’s a great read for individuals looking to switch industries or for managers who want to help their team grow.

Leap by Tess Vigeland

Check out this personal memoir of former public radio host Tess Vigeland. Learn how her restlessness and desire for more fueled her Plan B career.

If you want to fall back in love with your work

and create a career grounded in confidence and clarity this workbook is for you! It’s full of actionable tools to help you get started!

Back on the Career Track by Carol Fishman Cohen

Linda read this book while exploring a return to work after a 16-year career break. Carol Fishman Cohen, founder of iRelaunch, is the “return to work” pioneer. Back on the Career Track has practical tips to help you embrace the journey from someone who's been there.

Reinventing You by Dorie Clark

Trying to decide whether to be an entrepreneur or come back as an employee in your next chapter (or anything else in between?). Branding expert Dorie Clark mixes personal stories with engaging interviews and examples from top leaders to help you think big about your professional goals.

You’re inspired by just reading the summaries, are we right?

Now take control of your next move and start planning for your future. Download the #1 career tool you need to get started: EvolveMe's Career SWOT. It’ll give you a structure to help bring it all into focus – and you’ll have more confidence and clarity that you can make it happen, too!


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