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12 Surefire Signs You’re Ready for a Midlife Career Makeover

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Originally published on Medium

by Judy Schoenberg and Linda Lautenberg, Co-Founders, EvolveMe

How many jobs have you had so far? Think all the way back to when you were a teenager.

By age 50, the average person will have held 12 different jobs. 12 jobs! And many women in midlife are still looking for that role that will give meaning to their next chapter. It’s okay to still be searching!

If you’re considering changing jobs or re-entering the workforce, you’re not alone.

This is the moment of great reset - with over half of employees considering a change. And we know millions of women are facing career disruption due to caregiving responsibilities and/or the pandemic. And they’re looking to restart.

Hey - we all love a makeover, right?

It’s an opportunity to reimagine what work looks like for you. But many women who come to work with us at EvolveMe tell us they’re stuck. They’re asking themselves:

  • Is now the right time to make a change?

  • Can I afford to do something new?

  • How will I manage to find a job at my age?

  • Are my skills still relevant?

  • Is it too late to try something new?

Can you relate? These questions can raise self-doubt. They stem from what you believe to be true about your capabilities and whether you deserve more. And if you’re not careful, these thoughts can stop you in your tracks. Prevent you from moving forward. Don’t let that happen to you!

Life is always speaking to you.

Look for the signs (we’re not talking astrology!). Pay attention to your actions and beliefs to uncover what’s motivating you to consider a change.

We want more for you!

Check out 12 signs we hear from women every day in their 40s, 50s, and 60s+ that will help you “diagnose” whether it’s time for a professional makeover:

1. You want to make more of an impact.

2. You’re not using your gifts, skills, and talents.

3. You feel like you’ve outgrown your current role.

4. You’re spending time surfing job boards and LinkedIn looking for new roles.

5. You’re envious of others who’ve made a change.

6. You’ll regret staying in the status quo more than you’ll regret changing it.

7. The stress of feeling unfulfilled professionally is impacting other parts of your life.

8. You’re not energized by how you’re spending your time.

9. You want work to fit into your life (rather than the other way around!)

10. Your values today don’t match your company’s.

11. Your caregiving responsibilities have changed and you have more (or less) time, or need less (or more) flexibility.

12. You want a new challenge and haven’t acted on that desire in years.

How many of these resonate with you? One? Two? Five? Nine? All of them? If you’re working, it may not mean you need to quit your job. Some women we work with make strategic changes and learn to love the job they have! Other times, taking a leap and making a bigger change are needed.

And if you’re like many women we work with who are looking to reenter the workforce after a break, chances are who you are and what you value has changed since you were last in the paid workforce.

In midlife, you want to think about how your work fits in with the other elements of your life that are important to you today and going forward.

Want a head start on creating a career makeover strategy that works for you now?

Download EvolveMe’s Career Reinvention Analyzer HERE:

It all starts with clarity. No one can tell you this better than the women we work with in the EvolveMe community who are making their next BOLD move! Now that you know the signs you’re ready for change, get going!

We want more for you!


Judy Schoenberg

As co-founder of EvolveMe, Judy Schoenberg is a career strategist and leadership expert for women in midlife career transition who are exploring a return to the workforce or are pivoting careers. Through the DARE© Method of Career Reinvention she created with her co-founder, Judy helps cohorts of women find the clarity and confidence to own their value and pursue new opportunities. If you need a place to start getting unstuck, download EvolveMe’s FREE career strategy tool: The EvolveMe Career Reinvention Analyzer

Linda Lautenberg

Linda Lautenberg, Co-Founder of EvolveMe, is a return to work expert, women’s career advancement strategist and champion for all midlife career changers. Along with her co-founder, Linda developed EvolveMe’s proprietary DARE© Method of Career Reinvention to help cohorts of high achieving women find clarity, gain confidence, and launch the best chapter of their professional life. Get the inspiration you need for your next career move by downloading EvolveMe’s FREE training: 6 Mindset Traps that Sabotage Career Transition in Midlife.


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