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10 tips to never give up on yourself (or your career!)

We were so inspired by EvolveMe's recent conversation with award-winning podcaster, author, and entrepreneur Zibby Owens about the twists and turns in her career and making it happen in midlife!

Our exclusive chat unearthed so many gems surrounding what’s possible in midlife …. and how to keep going despite rejection and setbacks.

The BIG takeaway: wherever you are in your career, your inner voice makes all the difference between staying stuck and moving forward.

Have you ever thought about how your “inner critic” gets in the way of what you really want?

If you’re like most people, you haven’t - it’s often something we accept. But often, your inner critic is what’s behind imposter syndrome.

Imposter syndrome – feelings of self-doubt, fear of being found out as a fraud or less competent than you are – can surface in many ways. Imposter syndrome can keep you from:

  • making decisions

  • networking

  • promoting/marketing your work

  • relaunching your career after a pause

  • changing careers

  • asking for a promotion

  • negotiating a higher salary

  • speaking up at meetings

  • bouncing back from a mistake

If you've ever felt like a fraud (guess what - it’s not just YOU!), you’ll want to take in every last drop of this wisdom – from a woman in her 40s who struggled with the loss of her best friend at a young age, a divorce, body image, confidence, not feeling good enough as a mom or as a professional and doubting whether she’d ever find a new life partner OR career happiness. (Spoiler alert - she found both!)

You need to hear Zibby’s ah-mazing advice.

She never gave up on herself. And we don’t want you to either – that’s why we’re paying it forward here.

The next time your imposter twin casts doubt on your career vision – tell her it’s time she quiets down. You know, that voice that says….

I’m not an expert in….

I’m not clever enough to…

I’m too out of touch to ….

I’m too old to…

I need to get this perfect before I…

Replace those voices with affirming messages of who you are and what you have to offer the world.

And then, turn to Zibby’s top ten career tips for more inspiration!

Zibby's Ten Tips to Inspire Your Next Move
  • I didn’t give up on wanting to be a writer - because I loved it!

  • I kissed a few frogs in my career to get me here.

  • My role model is Oprah – she keeps building and stays so kind.

  • You can lead from the heart and share your whole self.

  • Be with people who’re excited to be around you.

  • Your enthusiasm will go a looong way in your career!

  • It’s not all about skills - it’s also about your willingness to learn and your work ethic.

  • Trust. Your. Gut.

  • Don’t take rejection personally. Use it as a data point and keep going.

  • I didn’t care if I failed. I tested my way into wearing different hats.

Now, it's your turn! If you’re finding any of this advice hard to believe for yourself, then you need a mindset pivot (BEFORE you even think about a wholesale career pivot!).

We want more for you!


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