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Unleash your inner rock star for age-defying career success

the Rolling Stones

We were thrilled to catch the electrifying Rolling Stones concert last week to kick off the holiday weekend!

Great minds! Turns out we each had tickets (separately) for the same night. And, as usually happens, we came away with the same reflections.

The energy projected from the stage was contagious! The Stones never took a break, and we didn’t sit all night, singing to hits we knew from when we were kids.

As we watched Mick Jagger strutting and dancing all over the stage, it was so hard to believe he's 80! And impossible not to be inspired by his powerful example: age is just a number, especially when it comes to rocking your career!

Mick Jagger

Inspired by the legendary band, here are our insights from Mick, Keith Richards (79), and Ronnie Wood (76) that you can use to come up with your own recipe for long-term career happiness and longevity:

  1. Do what you love: The Stones' passion for music was undeniable. What ignites your fire? What activities put you in a flow so that you lose track of time? Keep that in mind when charting your career path.

  2. Move like Jagger: To command the stage with such energy at 80 years old, Mick follows a rigorous exercise routine to stay in shape. We know you know, but it’s a powerful reminder that physical activity is KEY throughout life. Find acitivities you enjoy, whether it's dancing, hitting the gym, or taking a brisk walk with friends. Your body and career will thank you for it!

  3. Embrace evolution: The Rolling Stones haven't stayed stuck in 1962. Their sound has evolved while their essence remains. This adaptability is crucial in today's ever-changing workplace. Embrace new skills, stay current on industry trends, and be open to learning new things.

  4. Mindset matters: - Six decades into their career, the Stones are a testament to the power of an age-agnostic mindset. Play to your strengths, celebrate your accomplishments, and cultivate an "I can do this" attitude. And be inspired by the success of other women in midlife.  It will fuel your own.

  5. Relationships rock: The Stones' enduring friendship has weathered good times and trials. Strong relationships are essential for career success too. Build connections with colleagues, mentors, and sponsors. These connections will provide support and open doors to new opportunities.

  6. Cross-generational collaboration for the win: The Stones have integrated younger musicians into their band, bringing fresh energy and ideas. This intergenerational exchange is a powerful model. Seek out opportunities to learn from younger colleagues and share your wisdom. It's a win-win for everyone!

  7. Rethink retirement: The Rolling Stones are living proof that success has no age limit. Most bands call it quits long before their 70s and 80s, but the Stones are defying expectations and rocking on! Their story is a testament to the power of embracing new challenges and refusing to be confined by stereotypes.

Don’t let age define your career possibilities! With the right mindset and a few key strategies, you can create a long and fulfilling career that rocks!

Want more inspiration for your next chapter? Do the inner work first! Download EvolveMe’s Get Going Guide and take stock of your strengths and accomplishments.


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