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How to find career role models for a midlife clarity boost!

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If you’re carving out a new career path, have you asked yourself, “What does success look like for me now?”

At each age and stage, our view of personal success evolves. But where do you look for new examples of success?

There’s no handbook to guide midlife career transition. It’s uncharted territory -- but you don’t have to go it alone!

Role models inspire and motivate us. And research shows they have a greater impact on women and underrepresented communities who often have to work harder for success.

It’s never too early in your career transition to reach out to women (or men!) whose careers you admire or from whom you want to learn.

Connecting with a role model can help you consider new perspectives and possibilities. And offer you a clearer direction.

What makes a good role model?

For girls, studies show the best role models are "works in progress" who’ve experienced failure and struggle and become more resilient. You’re not looking for perfection or “extraordinary” success in a role model.

And that’s excellent advice for women in midlife too! Role models can offer clues to help you imagine a “possible self” based on your evolving aspirations.

Who are your career crushes?

Use this checklist to identify 3 career role models you can contact. And don’t limit yourself to people who are “older and wiser.” Some of our most inspiring role models are half our age!

People enjoy being asked to talk about themselves -- especially when you’re interested in their story and admire their achievements. So go for it!

Think about people who have…

● Persevered through challenges

● Achieved awesome things despite their age/ (younger/older)

● Reinvented themselves

● Broken through gender stereotypes/boundaries

● Taken the road less traveled / nontraditional career path

● Followed their goals / dreams despite the odds

● Taken a career risk

● Lead with their values

Who are 3 career role models you can identify now? Think about why you admire them, and you’ll learn more about what’s important to you for your next chapter!

1.______________________________________________________________________ 2_______________________________________________________________________ 3.______________________________________________________________________

Now for the next step - you can do this! Make someone’s day -- and your own! Here are sample questions to ask your career role models:

  1. What did it take for you to be where you are today?

  2. What’s one piece of advice you can share as I explore my next professional steps?

  3. What were your most significant challenges, and how did you overcome them?

  4. How do you stay motivated?

  5. Who influenced you?

  6. What are you most proud of now?

Reaching out to people whose careers you admire is a low-stakes way to expand your network and stay motivated to keep going.

You can start by reaching out on LinkedIn or sending a short email that shares what you’d like to learn about them and how it connects to ideas you’re excited about for yourself.

Be sure to leave the conversation with one new contact, resource or idea!

Now that you’re fueled with the idea that success is attainable - make it happen! Sign up for a FREE Discovery Session with EvolveMe co-founders and pinpoint what’s holding you back from having your next (and best chapter!) -- and how to move forward!

We want more for you!

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