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EvolveMe in FastCompany: 6 women on what they learned about starting a business in midlife

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Woo hoo! EvolveMe is featured in Fast Company! And we're in good company, alongside graduates of the Reinvention Collective!

We believe that, for women, midlife can be the best time to launch your own business! 

And research backs this up. As of 2022, the average age of U.S. entrepreneurs was 42, with even higher averages among those leading fast-growing startups. Increasingly, women make up a significant portion of business owners.

Have you ever thought of launching your own business? What's holding you back? Check out this FastCompany article for inspiration to make your move!

We loved sharing our first-hand experience:

"The women we work with, because they come with all these life experiences....are much more aware of their strengths. If they want to live out a dream, they see it as ‘okay, I want to do it; the time is now.’ There is more of a sense of urgency, and self-awareness."

For many, entrepreneurship in midlife serves as a response to ageism and burnout in the corporate world. Take it from a Reinvention Collective graduate Raksha Shah MA RDN Shah, who transitioned from pharmaceuticals to entrepreneurship at 65, highlights the value of using age as a competitive advantage:

"Starting a consulting business allows many of these women to use their age as a competitive advantage because clients value the years and years of expertise they have."

Ultimately, starting a business in midlife allows individuals to define success on their own terms. Susan Berman, founder of Collaboratory Consulting Group LLC and Reinvention Collective graduate, shares her perspective:

"Being an entrepreneur in midlife allows for more flexibility... The experience of having worked for a while, and knowing what you want, I think it gives people a little bit more perspective."

We’re so proud of women in the EvolveMe community who've launched their own businesses as coaches and consultants - paying it forward with the wisdom, experience, and judgment that only comes with the gift of getting to midlife!


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