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EvolveMe #40over40: Brandy Herrin

This is our time! We’re stronger when we work together to lift other women up. EvolveMe's #40over40 list curates profiles of women who have or are in the process of reinventing their careers in their 40s, 50, 60s, and beyond.

We're thrilled to share these stories of reinvention - women returning to work, pivoting careers, or launching new ventures!

Meet Brandy Herrin, VP of Sales & Marketing at Walden Surfboards and Founder of

Herrin Media. Brandy created and designed a women’s specific surfboard brand called Walden Wahine, and now it's the largest women's surfboard brand in the industry.

Read on to hear from Brandy!

What is the current focus of your career?

I'm in action sports, specifically surfing - it's all about white, male, youth. I am all about everything but white, male, youth.

What prompted your career reinvention?

It was time, I started our women's division - surfboards specifically designed for women, not just a token pink board but surfboards that were as tricked out as the men's and beautiful.

What's the best thing about mid-life career change?

The career hasn't changed but my focus continues to change the industry. I will not feature skinny, blond, white models anymore.

What's the biggest challenge?

Old white men...but I love a challenge.

What's your personal mantra/mission? Why?

I run marathons so my internal voice to myself when I get anxious - "Less than 1% of the population has run a marathon, if you can run 26.2 miles you can do anything"

Your best career advice for other women at midlife is...

Become your own expert. Ask lots of questions


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