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Do women really have each other's backs at work?

women standing with hands on shoulders

How often do you feel women have your back at work? 

It may not be enough if your experience is like ours when we were coming up in our careers. That’s why when we founded EvolveMe, we set out to change the narrative about women being allies to each other in their professional journeys. 

Collaboration is one of our core values and our lens for everything we do. Through working with cohorts of women in midlife career transition in EvolveMe’s Reinvention Collective to bringing programming to companies and women’s employee resource groups focused on building and sustaining top female talent, we see the power of women lifting each other up every day

And we want it to happen even more – across industries and roles. 

What’s holding us back?

The elephant in the room: the stereotype of women competing with each other in the workplace. Sure, competition exists in any professional setting, but pitting women against each other? There’s no room for that! 

We want the stories about women held back by female bosses, “mean girl” culture, and colleagues vying for that one available seat at the table to be a thing of the past.

Supporting your fellow female colleagues isn't just the right thing to do – it's the smart thing, too. When we ditch the scarcity mindset and embrace collaboration over competition, we create a win-win situation for everyone involved. 

Think about it: when women come together as allies, we’re a powerful force. Instead of tearing each other down, we build each other up, creating a rising tide that lifts all boats. Who wouldn't want to be part of that?


By rejecting the idea of women as adversaries and instead investing in each other’s success, we defy stereotypes and pave the way for a more inclusive and supportive workplace culture. That's a culture where everyone – regardless of gender – can thrive. 

Here are three ways you can be allies to other women at work:

  1. Amplify: When a female colleague shares an idea in a meeting, actively listen and summarize it for the group. This reinforces her contribution and makes sure her voice is heard.

  2. Celebrate wins (big & small): Did your coworker crush a presentation or finally land that big client?  Publicly acknowledge her success! A genuine "high five" or a quick shout-out on a team platform goes a long way.

  3. Be a mentor, not a competitor:  Offer guidance and support to female colleagues at the start of their careers. Share your knowledge and experience,  helping them navigate challenges you've already faced.

  4. Challenge bias: We all know unconscious bias exists. If you witness a woman being interrupted or talked over, politely interject and ask for her thoughts to be heard.

  5. Spread the love: Think of your female colleagues when great opportunities arise. Recommend them for projects or leadership roles where their skills would shine.

Let's flip the script!  Instead of buying into the narrative of women as rivals, let's rewrite it together. Let's be each other's biggest cheerleaders, allies, and advocates. 

Because when women support women, we're unstoppable!

Ready to learn more about how you show up at work? Download Evolveme’s How to of YOU to create your own “personal user manual.” The more you know about yourself, the better you can ally with other women!


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