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EvolveMe #40over40: Melissa Baker

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

This is our time! We’re stronger when we work together to lift other women up. EvolveMe's #40over40 list curates profiles of women who have or are in the process of reinventing their careers in their 40s, 50, 60s, and beyond.

We're thrilled to share stories of reinvention - women returning to work, pivoting careers, or launching new ventures!

Meet Melissa Baker! Melissa is an accomplished beauty industry professional with global, cross-functional expertise in brand positioning and learning and development. She creates content and strategy to transform the customer's brand experience and delivers sales results through brand content and marketing messaging.

Read on to see how Melissa is preparing for her next bold move!

What is the current focus of your career?

I'm currently exploring a transition in my career.

What prompted your career reinvention?

I was laid off unexpectedly in August 2022. I had already been thinking a lot about what's next for me in life and my career, specifically at this age. I had some clear ideas for what I wanted and didn't want.

What's the best thing about mid-life career change?

Losing my job unexpectedly was a bit unsettling. But there was more excitement for what's next once I had the space to think about it.

What's the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is the 'ageism' that still exists and very much so in 'my industry' of beauty. I was no longer being chosen to be on camera or 'the face' of a topic for the brand when that was my wheelhouse through education and sales.

What's your personal mantra/mission? Why?

"I'm here!" is the simple mantra/mission I use now. I am so much wiser about myself, my relationships, and my work. I know I bring value to the table - and the RIGHT people/companies for me will see that. Alignment is everything now.

Your best career advice for other women in midlife is...

My best career advice for midlife women is that it's not over unless YOU say it is. Society and business will probably tell you otherwise, so you have to be clear within yourself. To do that, I stepped out of my box and found community and people that were similarly aligned and could listen to and support me. I promise it's worth the effort.


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