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Afraid to Make a Career Change at 50? Think Again

Originally published on LinkedIn by Judy Schoenberg and Linda Lautenberg, Co-founders, EvolveMe

Time and again in our work with women who are transitioning careers in midlife -- whether exploring a return to the workforce or wanting to pivot careers and make a change -- we hear these fears:

  • Is it too late?

  • What do I have to offer?

  • Am I too old?

  • Will my skills be relevant?

  • Am I outdated?

  • Will I be perceived as unable to keep up with the latest technology?

Yes, it’s true that ageism exists in the workplace. But we’re here to tell you that, chances are, ageism also exists inside of you. If you can sidestep it, we know you’ll go far.

As career returners and pivoters and co-founders of EvolveMe, a career development company for women in midlife, we see you. You’re talented and you’re motivated. What’s missing is owning and showing your value!

We know that women in midlife feel invisible. We did too -- and sometimes still do (don’t tell anyone!). But there’s strength in numbers and we’re feeling that more than ever! We’re over 50 million strong and a force to be reckoned with. You don’t have to go at this alone!

That’s why we’re sharing this news with you.

We’re thrilled that EvolveMe’s co-founder Linda Lautenberg is in the running for the Forbes 50 Over 50 list for women who’ve achieved significant success later in life as part of the “Know Your Value” initiative. We’re role modeling celebrating ALL the wins -- big and small and everything in between.

And this too, is a win for you!

The 50 Over 50 nomination received so much attention from you and women in their 50s and beyond -- it struck a chord. Hit a nerve. The emotion was palpable even through the screen! Thousands of women viewed the post on social media and hundreds took time to comment and share:

  • This is amazing

  • You are role models and an inspiration for all of us

  • Congrats! So nice to see women with decades of wisdom and experience be recognized!

  • You give hope and direction to so many and you exemplify your very own model!

  • This is excellent and I’m in the same demographic club!

  • Congrats to the nominees! I’m 61 and proud of it!

Contrast these sentiments with those at the beginning of this article. Night and day. This is what happens when women see what’s possible from the examples of women just like them.

Want to bypass ageism inside of you and make a change at 50 and beyond? Take risks? Try something new? Be bold? Take a leap? Do these things:

  1. Share your wins (all - big and small!) with other women

  2. Inspire others with your role modeling

  3. See the positive energy come right back to you

  4. Rinse and repeat!

You’re more than a moment -- you’re a movement.

Let’s do this! Learn more about EvolveMe and our membership community for women in career transition to share ALL their wins and challenges with each other.

Head to our website to join FREE for the first month @

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