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How much faster would you see results?
How much time would you save?
How much more confident would you feel?

 ...AND, having the resources, tools and time to reflect on how to gain momentum for your next chapter...

Imagine having a consistent group of women who’ll have your back, inspire you to take risks and see things in you before you’re ready to see them for yourself...

Join the EvolveMe Membership Community

Well that’s exactly what you’ll get when you: 

Join FREE for the first month,

then $47/monthly!

"What's in it for ME?"

As a member, you’ll be part of a smart, accomplished community of women just like you! 

  • We host 2x monthly meetups on Mondays from 11-12p EST where you can get feedback, ask questions, celebrate wins and gain the support you need for career reinvention in midlife! PLUS

  • 2x each month you’ll get action-oriented templates, worksheets and checklists to spark momentum and create mindsets + habits for career success

  • 3 months free when you join our signature program, the Reinvention Collective.

AND  you’ll have constant access to resources, events and opportunities through our private Slack community


Members in our community are getting interviews, consulting gigs, and job offers! 

Hear it Straight from our Members

Gosia Weiss fall 2020.jpeg


Speaker & Consultant

Something magical happens when women who have similar goals come together.

Stephanie Dufner fall 2020.jpeg


Storyteller, Content Writer, Digital Strategist

Through practical exercises, virtual meetings, and networking forums, Judy and Linda foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie for EvolveMe members so they can transform work-related uncertainty into purposeful employment.  

Tara McClinchey fall 2020.jpeg

Graphic Designer

Judy and Linda, what you’re doing is inspiring! I am so grateful to be part of this wonderfully supportive  group of women.

Have questions? Let's chat!

Talk soon!

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