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5 Ways to Channel Your Inner Child for Midlife Career Clarity

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Did you know your life experiences, past and present, can provide you with essential insights for your future?

The first step in launching a new chapter in midlife is gaining career clarity. Try this...

Hit rewind and go back to late childhood and early adulthood - think middle school, high school, college. Stick with us -no therapy - promise!

Think about how open you were to exploration back then. You can cultivate that sense of wonder again by being intentional about it!

Did an interest from when you were young get sidelined when you started your career? A passion or talent you considered a hobby rather than something to be taken more seriously?

Or perhaps you’ve lost touch with a creative pursuit that gave you pleasure?

When you're in a career transition, you have space to think about what matters to you outside of a title or role, which can unlock ideas you haven’t considered in years.

Looking back on what mattered to you earlier in life, you'll find clues to interests that gave you joy, purpose, and wonder.

Our childhood selves are unfiltered from society's expectations -- before fear, money, societal expectations, competition, and adult responsibilities factor into our decisions.

Time to revisit your “Inner Child”:

Set a timer for 15 minutes and jot down your responses to the questions below in a journal:

  1. What did you tell others you wanted to be when you "grew up”?

  2. What gave you "flow" where you lost track of time? Why?

  3. Ask two people who knew you then what their memories are of what you loved to do.

  4. What was your go-to creative outlet?

  5. What did others compliment you on?

Review and reflect on your answers above. Highlight words or sentences that stick out to you.

What themes do you notice? Can you make any connection to the career directions you’re considering now?

What's one thing you can do this week to cultivate one of these ideas?

If you’ve gotten this far, you’re ready to go one step further…

Sign up for a FREE Discovery Session with EvolveMe co-founders Judy and Linda to pinpoint what’s holding you back from having your next (and best!) chapter - and how to get there faster.

Don’t go it alone. We want more for you!

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