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24 Positive Mindset Flips to Boost Your Career in 2024

Updated: Jan 8

woman with flowers growing out of her head

Happy 2024! Here’s to new beginnings. 

Does it feel challenging to start anew? 

We get it. After the first few days of January, you may feel less sparkly. The possibilities that once felt exciting – feel daunting. And you don’t know how to begin thinking about what's next for you in your career.

From our work with women in EvolveMe's signature group training experience, the Reinvention Collective (now in our ninth cohort!), we know for sure…

The voices in your head can hold you back OR push you forward.

The beliefs we carry around about ourselves, including the negative ones, feel true to us.

They can leave you feeling overwhelmed, isolated, and stuck.  If you feel trapped by thoughts that no longer serve you in your life and career, you’re not alone!

The good news? You can control your inner voices! You get to choose.

We’ll show you how to replace them with positive mindsets that reflect your true potential. You wouldn’t be reading this unless you thought deep down inside there was more for you.  

Here’s to a “possibilities” view of yourself that will fuel more meaning for you in 2024 – with work that aligns with your values and vision for your future!

Trust us, as 50-something career relaunchers and pivoters ourselves.


Opportunities open up again when you “reframe” these 24 limiting beliefs with affirming mindsets that move you to take action!

Try these on in 2024:

  1. It’s too late for me  > It’s just the right time.

  2. I’ve been out of work too long. > Career breaks are normal now.

  3. I can’t quit >  There are so many other opportunities for me.

  4. My skills are outdated > I learn quickly.

  5. I don’t know what I want to do > It will be an adventure to explore.

  6. I’m overqualified > I can’t wait to share my value with the world

  7. They don’t want someone my age > I have experience to share.

  8. I don’t have time to focus on me > I’ll calendar myself into my day.

  9. What if I fail? > I learn from mistakes.

  10. I should be able to do this by myself > We’re better together.

  11. I hate networking > I’m good at building relationships.

  12. I don’t like talking about myself > My story can help others.

  13. I don’t have an “elevator pitch” > I’ve introduced myself many times!

  14. My resume is out of date > It will be exciting to refresh my resume.

  15. I have no connections on LinkedIn > I can start where I am.

  16. I’ve “only” been volunteering > I’ve gained valuable skills volunteering.

  17. I don’t know what my skills are anymore > I can identify 5 skills I have now that are transferable to other opportunities.

  18. It’s not worth trying until I fix/change _____ > I can take the first step today.

  19. I’ve invested too much time/effort to leave this role > When we make changes, we grow.

  20. It’s never the right time - maybe next year? > There will never be a perfect time. The right time is now.

  21. I’ve been in one industry my whole career > I have skill sets that are an asset in other fields.

  22. People will think I’m irresponsible > It only matters what I think!

  23. I’ll wait until I get certified to do_________> I’m already enough just as I am.

  24. I’ll have more purpose when I retire > Why not do what fills me up now?

Here’s the thing -- you get to choose. What you think is what you believe, and what you believe becomes truer every. Single. Day. We know that it’s not easy to speak to yourself like you would to a best friend. That’s why we're here!

When you invest time understanding YOU and owning what you have -- all your talents, skills, and what lights you up, you’ll be ready to move forward. 

And it’s easier when you’re moving in the same direction as other smart, motivated women with similar goals!

Don’t go at it alone! We’re better together.

If you’re serious about making a change in your career this year, this resource is for you!

Check out EvolveMe’s Get Going! Guide. You’ll get the FIRST STEPS to get unstuck (and make growth mindsets stick!) from women who’ve been in your shoes and made it to the other side of career reinvention

It’s our gift to you! Download here:

Learn to see midlife as an opportunity to shine rather than an obstacle. And we go farther, faster - with more optimism and happiness - when we do it together! Here’s to our collective success in 2024.


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