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22 Signs the World is Ready for More of You in 2022

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

It’s 2022! Are you energized by all the attention women in midlife are getting? From ForbesWomen 50over50 lists (Linda was a nominee!) to pro-menopause campaigns, to the Sex and the City crew coming back together in their gray glory!

Our predictions for 2022? More companies include ageism in their diversity initiatives and see women in their 40s+ as a pipeline to fuel talent shortages. Yaaasss! That’s YOU!

If you’re thinking about making a professional change (returning to the paid workforce, changing roles/industries, or emerging from a personal transition) – NOW is your time!

We’re seeing women in the EvolveMe community making it happen -- landing coveted roles, meeting new mentors, and learning to not only like -- but get this -- love networking!

Want to make sure you’re part of the action? You’re hearing about the “great reset” … but is it for you? And what does it mean anyway? Maybe you’re on the fence about making a change - or you’re ready, but feeling stuck?

Wouldn’t it be great if someone would give us a sign?

Women come to us wanting to know whether now is the right time to explore a next chapter. This is our best advice. Simple. Actionable. True.

  1. There’s never a perfect time.

  2. There’s no time like the present.

We get it. It would be a lot easier if you knew precisely what it was you wanted to do next. One thing is for sure – knowing what you DON’T want to do holds keys to the direction you DO want to move in. It’s okay if you’re not sure of your next steps. All you need to be certain about is that you want MORE.

And we’re here to tell you, as career returners and pivoters ourselves, the world needs more of you!

Here are 22 of the most common signs we hear from women in midlife who, like you, are struggling to know whether it’s time to make a bold move in 2022:

1. You want to make more of an impact.

2. You’re not using your gifts, skills, and talents.

3. You’ve outgrown your current role.

4. You’re spending time surfing job boards and LinkedIn looking for new roles.

5. You’re envious of others who’ve made a change.

6. You’ll regret staying in the status quo more than you’ll regret changing it.

7. The stress of feeling unfulfilled professionally is impacting other parts of your life.

8. You’re not energized by how you’re spending your time.

9. You want work to fit into your life (rather than the other way around!)

10. Your values today don’t match your company’s.

11. Your caregiving responsibilities have changed and you have more (or less) time, or need less (or more) flexibility.

12. You want a new challenge and haven’t acted on that desire in years.

13. You don’t like talking about what you do.

14. You’re not getting recognized at work.

15. You daydream about anything to avoid work (Judy’s go to was what to cook for dinner!)

16. You feel like your colleagues don’t get you.

17. You want to be part of a team.

18. You’re stuck – and you’ve been stuck for years, not just since the pandemic.

19. You fear you’ll fail if you make a move, but you’re miserable now.

20. You’ve been thinking about losing the golden handcuffs for years.

21. You’ve gotten too comfortable with the status quo and lost your drive.

22. You know deep down in your heart you’re capable of MORE.

How many of these resonate with you? One? Two? Five? Nine? All of them?

If you’re working, it may not mean you need to quit your job. Some women we work with make strategic changes and learn to love the job they have! Other times, taking a leap and making a bigger change are needed.

We’ve got you covered! Check out our new Reinvention Readiness Assessment to see if you’re ready to go one step further and make a change. Download it here

It will help you assess whether it’s time to invest in yourself and your career to get the structure, community, and accountability you’ll need to go farther, faster in 2022!

We’re on a mission to ensure that women in midlife can achieve their full potential – and with EvolveMe’s proven DARE method of career reinvention – we make “wanting more” fun and doable with a structured online course + support and accountability from a cohort of your peers.

You’re not alone in wanting more meaning, more challenge, and more alignment to who you are today.

And remember - it's not "new year, new you"'s new year, MORE you!

To your success,


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