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Your good vibes are contagious (and will help your career!)

When’s the last time you took a real break from work? A no-email, no social media, OOTO break. If you can’t remember, then trust us, you’re overdue.

Stepping back, resetting from your day-to-day routine, spending time with friends and family, and reconnecting with the outdoors always gives us positive energy.

Speaking of which, what’s one thing that’s sure to make you stand out in your career? Makes you compelling and attracts others to you?

It’s your ENERGY! We all have it. And the good news is we get to choose how and where we use it. Where we direct it. It’s something we own and control. And we can even pass it on to others!

We love this Harvard Business Review article by Emma Seppala and Kim Camerin on how positive energy is a game-changer at work!

"...the greatest predictor of success for leaders is not their charisma, influence, or power…The one thing that supersedes all these factors is positive relational energy: the energy exchanged between people that helps uplift, enthuse, and renew them."

People who are positive energizers:

  • Act on their values and are themselves for more than others

  • Positively impact others’ performance, so that other people tend to flourish in their presence

  • Exist in greater numbers at high-performing organizations than at average-performing organizations (do your homework!)

And when a leader is a positive energizer, employees have greater:

  • Job satisfaction

  • Well-being

  • Engagement

  • Performance

  • Relationships with family!

Here are 3 easy steps you can take to amp up your positive energy:

  1. Assess your energy output. When do you feel most engaged in your work? Who are you with? What are you doing? Do you light others up? What feelings do you associate with feeling positive energy? Passion? Excitement? Commitment? How does it live in your body?

  2. Supercharge your energy with others. Positive energy is contagious! Spend time with others who have it. Who do you gravitate to? What mindsets do they bring? How has their own outlook shaped where they are now? Whose energy do you admire?

  3. Check your energy before you “walk through the door”. Before you engage with others- - whether you’re meeting a new colleague, going to a networking event or interviewing – your enthusiasm, body language, and tone of voice can convey a lot to the other person about how serious and interested you are.

Having positive energy doesn’t mean wearing rose-colored glasses all the time. You can convey positive energy by being curious, asking good questions, or being an engaged, enthusiastic listener.

Positive energy comes from having the right mindset. It starts with the voices in your head and the stories you’re telling yourself. Download our FREE resource to check your mindsets and set yourself up for success: 6 Mindset Traps that Sabotage Career Reinvention (and how to avoid them!)

We want success for you!


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