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Why your LinkedIn profile is so much more than your resume

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Your resume and LinkedIn profile are critical items in your professional toolkit. But while a resume is primarily used when you’re in job search mode, new connections, colleagues, and clients - in addition to potential employers - will head to LinkedIn first when they want to learn more about you.

Your LinkedIn profile is where you get to share your story -  the “wow factor” showcasing your career journey. It’s your runway – an opportunity for you to share your compelling narrative beyond the titles and bullet points. You control the ride! 

Why is it a game-changer?

  • Recruiters flock here: in fact, a whopping 94% of them! It's your online billboard to land dream jobs and network with influential figures.

  • More than just a CV: LinkedIn lets you paint a vibrant picture of who you are - your expertise, achievements, and what makes you tick (spoiler alert: it's not just spreadsheets!).

  • Your personal brand shines: No more feeling like a cog in the machine. This platform allows you to express your unique voice and stand out from the crowd.

Ready to unleash your professional magic? Let's delve into your profile:

First impressions count:

  • Photograph: Not a pixelated relic from college! Or one where you needed to cut your kids out of the photo! Choose a professional headshot that radiates your confidence and competence. Your friend can take a photo of you on a smartphone - no photographer is needed! 

  • Headline: Ditch the generic. Craft a punchy statement that encapsulates your value proposition (think "Marketing Maverick" or "Data-Driven Dynamo").

Unleash your story:

  • About Me: This is your personal manifesto! Share your passions, expertise, and the driving force behind your career. Be eloquent, but ditch the overly familiar tone. Here you can be you! And be sure to write in the first rather than the third person.

  • Featured/Portfolio: Got an award-winning project? A viral article? Don't be shy! Showcase your accomplishments and expertise like a curated gallery.

Highlight your achievements:

  • Experience: Curate past roles that showcase your growth and impact. Tailor them to your career aspirations, demonstrating a clear trajectory.

  • Skills & endorsements: Own your expertise! List relevant skills and strategically request endorsements from colleagues and mentors.

  • Recommendations: Glowing testimonials speak volumes. Gather recommendations from diverse sources (current and former colleagues from paid roles and volunteer roles count!), showing your well-roundedness and impact.

Bonus Tips:

  • Network like a pro: Join relevant groups, engage in discussions, and connect with influential figures. Think strategic networking, not aimless scrolling!

  • Stay connected: Regularly update your contact information and customize your URL to make it memorable and professional.

Remember, your LinkedIn profile is a dynamic tool, not a static document. Keep it fresh, engaging, and true to your personal brand. You can transform it into a powerful magnet for opportunities and success with little effort.

Ready to dive deeper? Develop your own user manual. Check out our "How to of You! EvolveMe Personal User Manual" to refine your personal brand and think about what makes you tick as a professional! 

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