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Want to feel great about your career transition? Try this

by Judy Schoenberg and Linda Lautenberg, EvolveMe, Co-Founders

"I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me". -- Tracy Ellis Ross

As if summer isn’t enough to get us glowing….women in the EvolveMe community give us the BEST inspiration. Listen to this...

A woman at our live session in the Reinvention Collective spring cohort this week shared a story that stuck with us for days. Here’s why it'll be just what you need...

It was a Friday and she had just turned in a deliverable for a freelance project. She was really proud of what she accomplished -- and she finished it well with kids in tow. In these challenging times, that’s no small feat!

The choices in front of her?

a) Go back to the grind on Monday business as usual. Dive headfirst into networking and searching for the next big thing.

b) Ruminate on what could have gone better. Wonder whether her client will think it's up to par with her previous work.

c) Take time for a moment of gratitude. Celebrate what she achieved, the value it would contribute to others and how fulfilled she felt by the process.

Yes, you get to choose your journey every step of the way. What do you think she chose?

Survey says...answer choice (c).

And you can too! What if you created moments of celebration during your career transition process? When you create space for joy, you honor each step you're taking that's getting you closer to your goal, even if you don't know it yet.

You see, when you choose (a) you're shortchanging yourself. Rather than being present and recognizing your awesomeness, the get 'her done type-A driver in you is steamrolling you back to the drawing board.

But then all the joy out of what you just did for yourself (and others!) gets flattened and erased. Like it never existed.

When you choose (b) you're letting self-doubt take over. Another woman in our community this week shared that she's intentionally choosing not to embrace her inner critic as she explores her next professional move.

Instead, she's going to try and have fun with the process -- and not get down about small setbacks.

We get it -- the process of making a change in midlife can be rife with challenges.

You have the naysayers saying "Are you really going to do THAT?" or recommending "Just stay in the job you have -- there’s security there."

And then you have the haters in your head: "If I was really that good I would have been promoted already." "I can't possibly learn something new at my age."

We heard that A LOT this week at a career changers summit workshop we led.

When you stop and take stock of how you've grown -- every move you've made -- from taking on a new volunteer role, to going to a networking event, to emailing a new contact for a meeting, to delivering a kick-a** freelance project on time, you'll get more out of the process.

You’ll feel more fulfilled. Who doesn’t want that? You'll look back and realize this was a tremendous opportunity for you to see yourself in a new light.

And that feeling will show itself to others in renewed confidence.

You deserve to make this change with wonder. Each and every woman in our community is committed to growing in her own way.

Grow with us this summer and be part of a group of women who will remind you to look for the joy in this transition -- we all need that!

In fact, after hearing the story we shared above, Linda and I took time to pat ourselves on the back for how our hard work as entrepreneurs and moms paid off this year -- even if it was for just a few minutes on Zoom!

We're so grateful we’re part of your career journey, for how EvolveMe has -- well -- “evolved” this year, and how women we work with have transformed -- from getting multiple job offers to interviewing, to gaining freelance gigs to feeling more sure in their own work skin.

If you do one thing to keep up career momentum (when the beach is calling!) join the EvolveMe membership here: First month is FREE!

Now go back to choosing (c). Think of one thing you’re going to appreciate about where you are in your career! We know you can.


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