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Walk in your own shoes (and other life lessons from Judy and Linda)

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Picture this.

We’re all dressed up for an in-person panel at our beautiful Luminary co-working space in NoMad, NYC, to discuss leveraging your resume, relationships, and reputation. Judy feels confident in her new sparkly dress and tall suede boots borrowed for the evening. Linda’s rocking leather pants.

The panel, moderated by Luminary’s inspiring founder, Cate Luzio, is incredible! Women from all ages and stages attend, including two women in EvolveMe’s current Reinvention Collective. We're thrilled to meet them IRL!

This was a double-header evening we'd been looking forward to for some time. As we gathered our things to head to our next event, those awesome boots started hurting Judy’s feet.

Our next stop was a fundraiser for Every Mother Counts, an organization started by Christy Turlington to promote equity for maternal health.

By now, Judy’s feet were THROBBING. But what could she do? Surrounded by a stylish crowd, at an event for such a worthy cause…stocking feet were not an option.

Then, the highlight of the evening - 90’s icon Natalie Merchant - was about to hit the stage when suddenly Linda came down with all-over chills, fever, and body aches. She’d gotten her flu and shingles vaccines that day, and the “potential” side effects had just kicked in.

We were a MESS. No longer sparkly. And rocking nada.

It’s a testament to the power of supporting a worthy cause AND the beauty of Natalie Merchant’s voice that we made it through the evening smiling.

But Linda nearly passed waiting for her train at Penn Station - no Advil ANYWHERE! And Judy’s feet were so inflamed she had to soak them in ice for an hour when she got home…and see the doctor in the morning!

So why are we taking you through our night?

  • What you see on social media is not always how it appears. We know you know this - but really know it. Not everyone is having an easy time in their work and life, even if they look shiny and smiley on the outside.

  • Walk in your own shoes. Don’t try and squeeze yourself into someone else’s mold. You do you. And be the best version of yourself you can be.

  • Share your vulnerabilities with other women! Pretending everything is always perfect does a disservice to yourself and others. By being open about your insecurities, challenges, and the messy behind-the-scenes, you make it okay for others to be authentic too. ==>And that’s when the magic happens. Where real connection starts.

As you plot your next career move, remember no one gets to where they are without some messiness by midlife. And everyone has a special sparkle to share.

We’re better together! If you’re thinking of...

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  • returning to the paid workforce

  • launching a new venture

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