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Top Ten Reinvention Reads to Dive Into This Summer

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Originally published on LinkedIn

Hope you’re enjoying the early start of summer! Across the country, things are heating up.

That’s true for the job market too. While the summer is typically a slower time for hiring, companies are assessing the gaps they have in staffing as a result of the pandemic. We’re seeing more movement in the market than in years past.

And this is also true for women in the EvolveMe community -- several women we’re working with have received multiple job offers, many have recently accepted coveted roles at high profile companies and even more are actively interviewing.

With Forbes spotlight series on the inaugural “50 Over 50” list last week and the success we’re hearing on the ground, there’s change in the air.

At the same time, we know there are still over 1 million women looking to return to work. When we were feeling stuck, reading books that showed us a next chapter was possible helped us get our career mojo back!

At EvolveMe, we know there’s no set user manual for midlife career reinvention (that’s why we’re here!).

But there are a few trusty guides we love that can inspire you to get going!

Here are the books that head up our all time great list. Enjoy them at the beach, poolside, before bed or in the early hours of the morning when you have some alone time...or check out audio versions to take with you on your morning walk!

10 Reinvention Reads We Love

1. Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

2. Playing Big by Tara Mohr

3. Pivot by Jenny Blake

4. Leap by Tess Vigeland

5. Becoming by Michelle Obama

6. Back on the Career Track by Carol Fishman Cohen

7. Comeback Careers by Mika and Ginny Brzenzinski

8. Flex by Annie Auerbach

9. Reinventing You by Dorie Clark

10. Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

A good book can feel like a trusted friend and advisor. You deserve the real thing too! Join us to gain momentum as you think about your next bold move!

As an EvolveMe member you’ll gain a group of like-minded women invested in your success who share the same goals as you. That’s priceless!

The first month is on us - yep! - FREE. Learn more and sign up here: Become an EvolveMe Member

Gain the structure, support and confidence you need to make a career transition now. We’ll make it fun, doable and exciting -- because we’re better together!

As one woman in our community shared: “the best part of EvolveMe is the safe space created with women to share their vulnerability around making career change. We have conversations that are not possible at work or even with friends and partners.”

We want that for you, too!

Wishing you sunshine and success this summer and for the rest of the year!


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