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5 must-ask questions to age out loud (and proud!) in midlife

Did you hear the news? No more playing small. Helping women be visible, valued, and seen in midlife is what gets us up in the morning at EvolveMe - in work and in life.

And now we’re thrilled to be featured as co-founders in AGE OUT LOUD - a community platform on Instagram spotlighting the stories of women 40, 50, and 60+ led by the creators of the podcast A Certain Age hosted by Katie Fogarty.

Check out the feature below that appeared first on IG!

Learn more about why we started EvolveMe and what midlife means to us now at 51 and 57.

And then, do your own reflection on what midlife means to you. We promise - answering these 5 questions will leave you uplifted and ready to get going!

1. What has getting to midlife taught you?

2. What are you kicking to the curb in midlife?

3. What’s the last new thing you tried in midlife?

4. What’s the next new thing for you?

5. As you age you feel__________?


AGE OUT LOUD Profile Feature:

Navigating a career transition can seem overwhelming and unachievable. We know because we’ve been there!

We found the process isolating — Judy as a pivoter from a national non-profit and Linda as a returner after a caregiving break. We knew there were many women in midlife in the same position and yearned for a group of like-minded peers to go with on the career reinvention journey.

So, we launched EvolveMe, a professional development company for women in midlife who want a next career chapter.

We created the program we wish we'd had!

By midlife, we’ve all had to make choices that impact our career trajectory. Some choices are tougher than others. Decisions are never made in isolation but are part of a bigger picture that involves partners, children, aging parents, geographic moves, our health...the list goes on.

For women, especially, you may have:

  • Taken a caregiving break

  • Stayed in the same role longer than you’d like because it worked for other aspects of your life

  • Chosen flexibility over opportunities

  • Had zigs and zags along your professional journey

The important thing is to embrace the bumps in the road. Aging out loud is all about EVOLVING!

In women in midlife, it's vital to pay attention to how we’ve grown. And how that contributes to the value we offer today!

How we age out loud:

Getting to midlife has taught me:

Linda: Everything really is figureoutable!

Judy: To value progress over perfection.

Kicked this to the curb in midlife:

Linda: Apologizing for my choices.

Judy: Not trusting my instincts.

Last new thing:

Linda: I just bought an air fryer!

Judy: I tried cross-country skiing for the first time.

Next new thing:

Linda: Keeping to working out before I start my day (everyday!)

Judy: Starting a book group.

As I age, I feel:

Linda: brave

Judy: grateful

How can you age out loud? What’s 1 intention you can set for yourself this spring? Inside or outside of work.

  • What do you want to focus on? Learn more about it? Grow?

  • Is there anything you can do to feel lighter?

  • Have more fun?

Here’s a trick. Make it small so it’s doable...

Judy is planning more fun celebrations and gatherings for all the spring family and friends’ birthdays she has in her life.

Linda’s intention is to be outside more - planting in her garden and learning pickleball!

AGING OUT LOUD is all about mindset. Are your thoughts sabotaging you from getting results as you think about your next career chapter? Grab EvolveMe's free resource, 6 Mindset Traps Holding You Back from Your Next (Best!) Chapter - and how to avoid them!

We want more for you!


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