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Evolve 40 Over 40: Michelle Moskowitz

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

This article is part of our Evolve 40 Over 40 Series.

This is our time! We’re stronger when we work together to lift other women up. Evolve is creating the list we've been waiting for -- the first-ever 40 Over 40 list! We're curating profiles of women who have or are in the process of reinventing their careers in their 40s, 50, 60s and beyond. We're thrilled to share these stories of reinvention - women returning to work, pivoting careers or launching new ventures!

What prompted your career reinvention?

I was ready for a bigger, broader platform to utilize my communications skills and leverage all the learning and living that I had done as a mom, a writer and community builder.

What's the best thing about midlife career change?

While it sounds cliche, age=experience=wisdom. Now my business intuition is sharper, I trust it more, and I am a more effective communicator because I value time, resources and the ethics a brand stands for. It also makes me laser-focused. What's the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge was getting used to working at an office again. But, that was also a gift for my family. Before, I was a work-from-home writer. The transition to a more traditional work environment has taught my kids to become more independent and resourceful and I forgot how much I treasured the collaborative team environment.

What's your personal mantra or mission? Why?

In everything you do, touch life often. That means get behind every decision, every encounter, every opportunity with passion and something is bound to come from it.

Your best career advice for other women at midlife is...

Find a company that turns up the heat for you. Based on your experience, the role that you play there can even be crafted. But the excitement, the passion and the ideas that stem from a brand that strikes an emotion feels more like play than work to me.


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