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Ask Judy & Linda! Catch our new career advice feature on Extra Shot

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

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Remember Dear Abby? Here's an advice column for your career!

Woo hoo! We just kicked off our first "Ask Judy & Linda" career advice column segment with the amazing Alisha Fernandez Miranda!

In our first segment, we dove into a question about how to make a pivot after a decade+ of experience in one industry.

Alisha’s new podcast is just the Extra Shot of inspiration we all need to kick off the week! And EvolveMe is a proud sponsor Season 1!

It was perfect that our first advice column segment on Extra Shot follows Alisha's interview with the multi-talented Zibby Owens, CEO of Zibby Owens Media, author, podcaster, and bookstore owner!

Zibby introduced us to Alisha when her lovely memoir My What If Year was coming out. (If you haven't read it - you should!)

Here's to saying YES to all the possibilities at every age and stage.

Do you have a burning career question? Reach out to us at or! We might feature it on the show :)


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