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5 reasons rockstar women don’t bet on themselves in midlife

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

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5 reasons rockstar women don't bet on themselves in midlife.

Does this sound like you? You encourage, support, and have confidence in your friends’ and colleagues' aspirations - both professional and personal. But don’t give yourself the same love.

What’s keeping you from betting on yourself?

If you’re hesitating to make a move in midlife - you’re not alone. Talented, energetic women like you spin their wheels for months or years for all sorts of reasons. Hear from real women - alumnae of EvolveMe’s Reinvention Collective - about what kept them stuck before they launched their next chapter. We bet you'll identify with at least one!

“I was terrified before to make a change.”

Fear. Fear of failing makes you stay in your lane. Playing it safe. Sticking with what you know. But adopting a growth mindset in midlife allows you to turn the fear of failure into an opportunity to learn. If you’re not trying new things - you’re not growing. You may not get it 100% right the first time, and that’s ok! Don’t let fear of failure get in the way of taking a chance on yourself.

“I under-represented my skills until I was pared down to nothingness.”

Midlife crisis or opportunity? Here’s your chance to leverage all the skills, talents, life experience, and wisdom you’ve accumulated and share them with the world in a new way. Use ALL of this to build you up - rather than an excuse for why you’re not enough. If you underestimate what you’ve got, you won’t get started. And you’ll never give yourself a chance.

“I thought I was ready to retire to the beach. Then I realized I had more to give.”

Does turn turning “a certain age” make you think it’s time to pack it all in? Even though the culture may want us to believe otherwise, there’s no expiration date for women in midlife. Your next chapter can be all about finding more meaning (even from the beach!).

And there are so more options beyond a full-time role. There’s flexible or part-time work, a portfolio career of different jobs, board positions, and volunteer work. Make it about what lights you up and where you find purpose.

“Before, I didn’t know where to start. I was spinning my wheels - for five years!”

You know you’re not done yet, but you have no idea what you want to do next - what’s out there or what’s possible. You’ve Googled and searched, but there are no clear steps to point you in the right direction. You start to think it’s too hard to figure out and hope the right thing will fall into your lap.

Or that maybe you’ll gain clarity over time - but no such luck. So you never get started. Don’t fall into that trap! This is where working with a diverse cohort of women in your same shoes comes in - to help you think outside the box.

“I’ve been in one industry so long. I didn’t know I could turn what I loved to do in my personal life into a career.”

You’ve been in one industry for 10, 15, or 20 years and you feel it’s all you know. Could you really do something different at this age? What would people think if you gave up the stable role you invested so much time and energy in? Could you throw it all away?

Think about what lights you up outside of work – that deserves space in your life – and may be just what you need to start a next chapter!

It’s not throwing it all away and you’re not starting from scratch. You can bring all the experience you’ve gathered over the years into your next chapter - and use those skills in a new way!


It’s easier to bet on yourself when you join forces with a group of like-minded women who are moving in the same direction as you. Want to overcome self-doubt? Check out one of our most downloaded resources here to set yourself up with mindsets for success!

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