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The Power of Peer Mentoring

We’re thrilled to share our latest podcast episode here – a conversation we had with the brilliant Heather Van Cura, Senior Director at Oracle and host of Bragtalks.

It’s all about how we mentor each other as co-founders of EvolveMe – and why peer mentoring is YOUR superpower for career transition!

Individually, neither of us would have launched EvolveMe on our own. And we wouldn’t have been able to get it off the ground AND keep it growing during a pandemic if it weren’t for learning from each other every step of the way.

We know firsthand that when women lift each other up across roles, industries, and life experiences – ta-da! Magic happens.

And we walk our talk – modeling peer mentoring in leading EvolveMe:

  • We play to our strengths – and then let the other person fill in the gaps (for example - Judy writes quickly, and then Linda takes over as a master editor/designer)

  • We ask questions and are curious (it’s okay not to know!)

  • We’ve adopted a “figure-it-outable mindset” (thanks, Linda)

  • We love learning new things (Judy is the forever researcher!)

  • We’re better at solving problems together - collaboration is queen!

Research shows - women need to see examples of other women who’ve forged their way into new paths, whether they’re returning to the workforce, advancing in their current role, or making a change.

Trust us on this one. Peer mentoring is where it’s at. Because it makes women feel seen :)


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