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Alumna on the move: Judie Saunders

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Meet the wonderful Judie Saunders.

Judie was in one of our earliest cohorts and is making moves! A career reinventor extraordinaire as a litigator, advocate for abuse victims, entrepreneur, and podcaster, Judie understands the identity crisis that can happen in midlife. Where others see juggling multiple roles in midlife as a challenge- Judie views this stage as an opportunity, embracing her multiple selves - mother, wife, attorney and change agent - to become the professional she wanted to be on her terms.

  • Looking for more meaning in her work, Judie niched down her part-time general litigation practice to focus on abuse victims.

  • In a bold move (a day we remember well!) she moved her practice from her home to her own private office - lease, key and all!

  • She completed the steps to certify her practice as a B-corporation

  • She launched a powerful podcast to advocate for victim's rights and establish herself as a thought leader in the space.

  • She got noticed! She was brought in as a member attorney for a larger practice in a neighboring city.

  • Through this work, Judie's confidence increased. She learned more about what she wanted from her work, and where she wanted to niche down further. She was ready for her next move.

  • Now she's a Partner and Sexual Abuse Litigator at ASK LLP - and loving her work and life!

One of our favorite pieces of advice from Judie – “be flexible.”

"You’re not society’s definition of success. Rather than hold on to society’s external expectations, release resisting and embrace what’s in front of you right now.”

For more advice from Judie – listen to her guest interview on the Women of Color Rise podcast.

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What got Judie started on her new path? ==> Signing up for a training experience to get structured coaching, accountability and peer support!

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Judie credits participating in our training cohort with clarifying her identity, revving her confidence, and kickstarting her comeback! Ready to invest in yourself?

Follow our proven path in the company of women who get you. Get the tools, support, and expert advice you need to make a confident transition – and embrace what’s right in front of you now in EvolveMe’s Reinvention Collective training.

What does success on your own terms look like to you this fall?

  • Maybe, like Judie, you want to lean into work more now after a period of caregiving. And be ok with it.

  • Or it’s time to give yourself permission to demand more meaning from your work and life after empty nesting or going through a divorce.

  • Or you realize you don’t have to stay stuck in a role or industry because you’re been there 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. And it doesn’t mean you’re a quitter.

BONUS: Ready to redefine success in midlife? Try Judie’s daily prompts to get started:

  1. What are your goals for the year/decade?

  2. Why are you here?

  3. What are the top 3 things you will accomplish today?

Following in Judie’s footsteps – give yourself permission to have MORE.

You can! Career reinvention



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