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Midlife reinvention experts and founders of EvolveMe, Linda Lautenberg and Judy Schoenberg

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

It's always a great conversation with Deb Boulanger on The Life After Corporate Podcast. Here's the ink for our episode.

Here's a summary:

⏸️ Linda took a career break to raise her kids. After 18 years she decided to re-enter the workforce in the social impact sector. 3:00

🙌 Judy is a women's leadership development expert and career strategist who spent the majority of her career in the nonprofit sector. 4:25

🌞 Linda and Judy met in a “Return to Work” program for the social impact which led to creating EvolveMe. 6:05

👠 Many women in their 40s and 50s desire to reinvent themselves. 8:20

🤔 COVID ushered in a huge shift in reprioritization about which things are really important and profound for women. 9:49

⭐ Linda loves being an entrepreneur and believes that you're limited only by your own fears and concerns. 13:29

✨ Judy loves this second chapter in her life. Being an entrepreneur has brought her creativity, personality and passion back. 15:03

🙃 The Reinvention Collective has gotten amazing results, despite the pandemic and holiday period. 18:14

🌺 The Reinvention Collective helps women to find confidence and clarity by getting to the breakthroughs and helping them to blossom. 19:31

🔥 Perfect is the enemy of progress and can keep you stuck. 22:23

🫂 Linda and Judy have been transformed personally on their entrepreneurial journey - they’ve grown and see bigger potential together, and they perfectly complement one another. 25:11

🧚‍♀️ EvolveMe is supporting clients not only via 10-weeks of Reinvention Collective program but also by providing a female base and evolving community throughout their whole journey. 29:37

🙆‍♀️ Oftentimes, women feel like they can do everything by themselves, but it's a beautiful thing to be working with somebody that you trust implicitly or at least to learn to allow others to help you. 35:23

📈 Deb’s incredible experience and guidance have helped Judy and Linda so much with their business. 40:18

✌️ To evolve and grow, women must put aside any hesitation when it comes to investing in themselves so they can achieve goals and dreams more efficiently and effectively. 41:02

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