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How She Did It: Rosa Sabater

Each month we feature inspirational women who've made it to the other side of career reinvention. Learn how they did it and take away usable tips from their professional journeys!

Meet Rosa Sabater President and Founder of Martellus, a strategic consulting group and founder of NEXT, a women’s networking platform that connects hundreds of women to resources, expertise and new opportunities.

Rosa also created NAVIGATE, a program that curates small groups of women executives who are in similar stages of their careers to help one another navigate work-life and pursue their passions.

Prior to her pivot, Rosa led Marketing, Branding, Client Development and Customer Experience functions at American Express, strategic client relations for Booz, Allen & Hamilton.

Read on to learn how she did it!

What is your personal mantra, mission, or manifesto? To empower and enable women to work how they work best

What inspired you to launch your current career/launch your business? I took some time off after a 20-year career in management consulting and marketing. During that time, I observed my "effortless actions" -- the things that I did because I wanted to (not for money, not because it was a "should").

I discovered that, among other things, I was hugely passionate about helping women find work that worked for them. So I launched a woman-owned and staffed marketing consulting firm (Martellus) and a women's networking group (NEXT). I also speak about women and work at corporations.

What is unique about returning/pivoting in midlife? Challenges & opportunities? The very best thing: WE'VE EARNED THE RIGHT TO WORK ON WORK THAT BRINGS US JOY (I used to say: Work is not supposed to suck, but that is not very PC). Huge freedom and opportunity. The challenge: Defining success on our terms rather than what society says success is AND being okay with uncertainty

What’s one intention you have for your work this year? Work inspired (and let go of all minutiae)

What are you most passionate about right now? My three work values are service, community, and authenticity. Right now, I'm all about community.

What does a typical day look like for you? I get up at 7 and walk the pup for a couple of miles, exercise, meditate, then get ready for the day. I typically don't sit at my desk until 10. I work from 10-4/4:30 either in my home office via zoom or at a client site (trying to sort out how this is going to look going forward).

At 4:30, I take a long break to take the pup to the park, cook dinner and eat with the family. I would say that two nights out of the week, I have some sort of networking event in the evening. In bed by 10. The phone sleeps all by it's lonesome in the kitchen.

What’s the one thing that has advanced your career in the last year? Being open to opportunities no matter where they come from. Jealously guarding my thinking time (am puppy walk) because that is when I get my best ideas.

Who’s your “tribe” when it comes to professional inspiration or support? My sister posse = everyone at NEXT and Martellus, plus any other like-minded women. Plus my husband and my BFF Jill.

Favorite podcast? Book? Inside Job Podcast (Nayla Bahri), Untamed (Glennon Doyle)

You’re granted an extra hour in the day, how do you spend it? Relaxing on my meditation chair

The advice I wish I had given to my 20-year-old self is… It's all going to turn out the way it's supposed to ... so, relax

The advice that I want to give to my 75-year-old self is... Know that you lived a life well-lived

Your theme song that played every time you walked in a room would be? Honestly, no clue. I listen to classical piano during my think time.

Best career advice for other women? You have many more options than you think.

When did you feel you got “you” back? I always had me

What’s up next? No idea. I stay open. Don't like plans.


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