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How She Did It: Dr. Mary Hemphill

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

This article is a part of our monthly Women Evolve(d): How She Did It Series

Each month we feature inspirational women who have made it to the other side of career change. Read about how they did it and take away usable tips from their career journeys! This month, we're proud to feature Dr. Mary Hemphill who fully embodies the spirit of reinvention!

Dr. Mary Hemphill is a dynamic, transformative leader and community builder. She is CEO of The Limitless Lady, LLC and Founder of The Limitless Leader, a company that helps individuals ignite the leader in themselves so they can better serve their community, company, & personal career.

Dr. Hemphill is a Leadership Expert and Coach, K-12 Educator and Administrator, and Inspirational Speaker. With over 15 years of professional experience as a teacher, administrator, state director, & university professor, Mary understands the importance of fusing education, empowerment, and leadership together as she works with learning and working communities & speaks to audiences across the country.

She holds a PhD in Leadership Studies, and has led, coached, and impacted close to 25,000 individuals around the world on transformational and innovative strategy, self-empowerment, and leadership.

Current occupation/pursuit/passion?

Founder of The Limitless Lady LLC & The Limitless Leader Program, Author, Educator, Motivational Speaker

What is your personal mantra, mission or manifesto?

I believe that in order to show up in the world as your most authentic & powerful self, one must break through any & all limiting beliefs that keep you from maximizing our full potential.

What inspired you to launch your current career/launch your business?

I was inspired to start The Limitless Leader LLC because throughout many of my professional endeavors I found myself in the position of being a "leaderless leader." As an educator & innovator, I often found myself approaching education as a hungry leader who was not being fed with wisdom, professional development, support, or the appropriate outlets to grow and increase my impact. The Limitless Leader was birthed from the need to ensure that leaders from all walks of life are equipped with a toolbox of strategies and resources to help them shift from limited sight to limitless vision in their career, company, or community!

What is unique about returning/pivoting in midlife? Challenges & opportunities?

The unique challenge of pivoting midlife is that you are paving a path that no one has traveled before. I saw a quote that said, "You cannot Google what you are creating because it has never been done before," and I realized that all of the challenges, hurdles, and frustration were designed specifically for me to overcome in order to help someone else through similar experiences. Sometimes you do not realize that you are having to pivot to make that path easier for others.

What’s one intention you have for your work in 2020?

In 2020, I intend on maximizing the impact of The Limitless Leader by connecting with at least 500 women who seek to embrace their limitless potential through one-on-one coaching, workshops, & leadership development group sessions.

What are you most passionate about right now?

Embracing the evolution of the educational system during this global pandemic.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I start every morning with mediation, prayer, and journaling. After breakfast, I move into reviewing the calendar of events for the day and ensure that I schedule breaks and time for physical fitness. Teleworking has shifted my schedule considerably, but I have found that scheduling breaks helps me chunk my day to have time for work, passion projects, and connecting with clients and companies.

What’s the one thing that has advanced your career in the last year?

Relationships! You never know what podcast, YouTube video, interview, or article is going to stick with your network & that has proven true this year as people have looped back to connect with me for keynotes, workshops, and consultations more than ever since I started The Limitless Leader!

Who’s your “tribe” when it comes to professional inspiration or support?

My "tribe" are the millennial leaders who are working to shape their vision, find their footing in the professional world, and strategize on how their impact can make them an income.

Favorite book, app or podcast?

Favorite book: Start with Why by Simon Sinek and Favorite App: Calm & Breathe

You’re granted an extra hour in the day, how do you spend it?


The advice I wish I had given to my 20 year old self is… Stop stressing. It truly is all going to work out for your good. Spend more time living in the moment and loving the people around you because it is the memories and time spent with the people you love that matter more than anything.

The advice that I want to give to my 75 year old self is... You are uniquely designed to give the gift of leadership to others, and you modeled that leadership in every aspect of your life. Thank you for standing up, speaking out, and never sitting down at tables where your vision and gift were not embraced.

Your theme song that played every time you walked in a room would be?

Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay

Best career advice for other women?

If you're not at the table, you're on the menu. Build your own table & invite your own guests!

When did you feel you got “you” back?

When I am able to present the facts and the data to clearly delineate how we can do education better than its ever been done.

What’s up next?

My first book "The One-Minute Meeting: Creating Student Stakeholders in Schools" will be released nationally at the end of July & I am thrilled to offer the strategies, tools, and resources that I utilized throughout my professional career to turn around failing schools by elevating our students at the #1 stakeholder. You can learn more about this project here:


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