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Getting Over Your FOSO (Fear Of Standing Out) with Judy Schoenberg from EvolveMe

Imagine hitting a milestone birthday and thinking you don’t want to be doing that work or in that organization for the rest of your career. It’s more common than you think.

As mid-career professionals, you don’t want to settle and worry about being happier with your job and career. You know there has to be more than just being on the hamster wheel every day.

Judy had a great conversation with John Neral, host of the Mid-Career GPS Podcast.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

· How Judy was open to a new opportunity that changed her career trajectory

· What she learned about being a leader from the Girl Scouts of America

· Why we all need a mentor

· Why we all must address our FOSO – the Fear of Standing Out

Key Topics & Time Stamps:

· Meet Judy Schoenberg (0:06)

· Who Judy Wanted to Be Growing Up (3:36)

· Exploring Career Interests in College (5:22)

· Why Work After College Sets You Up for Success (7:03)

· Welcoming New Opportunities (8:59)

· The Value of Mentorship (11:51)

· Leadership Lessons from the Girl Scouts of America (14:26)

· Judy’s Mid-Career Moment (18:45)

· Having No Regrets Leaving Your Job (22:10)

· The Great Reset (23:38)

· Ageism & the Fear of Standing Out (27:04)

· Challenge for Women Leaders (32:31)

· Judy’s Advice to Help You Build Your Mid-Career GPS (35:10)

· Connect with Judy & The Reinvention Collective (37:58)


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