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Ophelia Mawuena Tsenuokpor: celebrate your wins with a mental victory dance!

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

At EvolveMe, we love to profile women in our community who are lifting each other up! Meet the very wonderful Ophelia Mawuena Tsenuokpor. She's come through loss to reinvent herself and use her talents to inspire others to live their best life. We recently spoke with this inspiring woman from Ghana who is creating uplifting content through her blog Omt's Digest.

We love Ophelia's resilience and how she celebrates her wins with a "mental victory dance!"You can too! Check out our interview with her below.

How did you find out about EvolveMe?

Funny enough, I find it quite difficult to pinpoint the exact platform I discovered EvolveMe. I am a positivity addict who is passionate about positive content and impacting lives. I would listen to a podcast and go searching on LinkedIn or Instagram for the person who inspired or empowered me. I am 100% sure that was what lead me to discover EvolveMe.

What is your story?

My story is one that has evolved based on my experiences and my intentional view of seeing each experience as a challenge. Basically, I ask myself what I learned from the experience and what I can do to help others with similar experiences. I also celebrate the process of building resilience in my life. I always do a mental victory dance with every ‘aha’ moment.

My story would not be complete without talking about the first major loss I experienced in my life in 2014. I was expecting triplets as a first-time mother and sadly lost all three strong boys! It shook me and got me questioning certain things in my life including my perspective of what a fulfilled life should look like. I am not happy they left and to date, I still wonder how they would have turned out. I still talk about them with my 2 kids so they are not forgotten. I want their memory to live on.

This turning point led a chartered accountant to create a blog ( to inspire people and create a motherhood page to push mothers to aspire higher. COVID-19 was the other curveball in my life, as an introvert, I suspect I was lowkey depressed with limited space to re-energize. This also developed my passion and curiosity for mental health and being intentional about self-care and self-love.

What motivated you to book a session with EvolveMe?

It might seem that I appear to have it all figured out but trust me I had doubts. I am a Chartered Accountant venturing into blogging and life coaching. My big question was whether I needed to get global certification to call myself a life coach.

I strongly believed that the passion generated from my experiences (good and bad) and informal sessions I had had with people gave me that right. The big question was whether people out there would trust me to guide them to be the best version of themselves. My experiences also developed my spiritual relationship with God so I confidently told myself that if anyone asked, I would respond with this, “I am certified by God through life experiences.”

My 30-minute session with Linda was so natural. She understood me perfectly well when I thought our different cultures might be a barrier. She applauded the progress I was making and gave me some good tips to help me on my journey. I felt at home and she encouraged me to use the resources available to me at the moment whilst working gradually towards attaining international coaching certification. World here I come!!!!

What message do you have for other women in transition?

Be kind to yourself and know that you are navigating unfamiliar territories, so naturally, there would be fear and you would experience imposter syndrome. It’s normal, don’t shift your focus and take it a day at a time. You can do it and you are a unique human being. EvolveMe and I are cheering you on in advance!


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