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What's hope got to do with midlife career reinvention? Everything!

What's hope got to do with midlife career reinvention? Everything!

We know from personal experience...

==> Judy left a successful career at a national nonprofit

==> Linda returned to the workforce after a lengthy caregiving break's easy to feel stuck in your career in midlife. And that it's too late for a change.

Maybe, like many women, you don't know what you'd like to do next. Or where to start. So it's easier to give up and stick with the status quo.

Or, you feel like it’s too late to have hope.

  • Too late to make a change.

  • Too late to find joy and fulfillment.

  • Too late to learn something new.

So you close the door before even cracking it open. How you think about what’s possible for you can determine the action you take.

Podcaster Lindsay Recknell's work is all about hope and mindset. So you can imagine how excited we were to have a conversation with her about the importance of hope, optimism and growth-oriented approach to midlife career reinvention!

Whether you want a career change, a lifestyle change, or just want help getting unstuck, in this episode of the Hope Motivates Action podcast we offer advice and support on finding personal and professional growth through hope.

Tune in to hear our personal stories of evolution and to learn how EvolveMe works with both women and organizations to help give clarity and support to women in midlife.


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