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7 ways to beat winter blues & embrace your intentions this year

Updated: Feb 8

woman throwing snow

February blues, ambitious goals, midlife madness juggling work, life, partners, kids, and aging parents… sounds like a recipe for overwhelm, right? 

We’ve been there. We know February is when your sparkly intentions for a brand new year start to fade.  

But achieving your goals (and staying sane in the process) is possible, even in the throes of a busy life.  

Here are 7 tricks we use at EvolveMe (at any time of the year!):

1. Rethink "goals," embrace your intentions: Instead of rigid resolutions, set flexible intentions focused on growth and progress. Think "learn a new skill" instead of "master a language by June 1." This reduces pressure and lets you celebrate each step, not just the finish line.

2. Boundaries, your BFFs: With so many demands pulling at us in midlife, we have to learn to say "no" with grace. Set clear boundaries at work, at home, and in your calendar. Learn to delegate, prioritize ruthlessly, and block off "me time" fiercely. Remember, "no" to one thing is a resounding "YES" to yourself and your goals.

This one is challenging - don’t be hard on yourself if it doesn’t come easy. Check out the graphic here for what to say to maintain boundaries in different situations – this is GOLD!

chart showing 7 types of boundaries

3. Batch, batch, batch: Prioritize like a pro! Batch similar tasks together (emails, errands, errands), and get them done in focused bursts. Batching frees up valuable mental space and leaves you feeling productive, not overwhelmed.

4. Micro-victories: Celebrate every step, not just the final goal. Did you meditate for five minutes? High five! Finish a chapter of your book? Woo-hoo! Recognizing progress, however small, fuels your inner cheerleader and keeps the momentum going.

5. Find your tribe: We're stronger together! Join online communities, find an accountability buddy, or connect with women moving in the same directions as you for inspiration and support. Sharing struggles and triumphs amplifies your motivation and keeps you accountable.

6. Nourish what you love: Prioritize activities that uplift and energize you. Read a good book, take a nature walk, have coffee with a friend). When you’re happy on the inside you’ll be more motivated to follow through.

7. Reframe the narrative: Ditch the negative self-talk! Instead of "have to do," say "get to  do." When your perspective changes to opportunity rather than obligation, you’ll feel more hopeful about pursuing your intentions. 

And if you need support to make this happen - you’re not alone. Make your career goals stick this year (thinking about a promotion, career pivot, starting a business, writing a book?) with EvolveMe’s 1-1 Coaching services curated just for women in midlife. 

Save your spot here and get the accountability you need to make to move forward faster!


Don't let February blues or life's demands dim your sparkle. Rethink your approach, create boundaries, and nurture yourself. You've got this!


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